From with love, we present a rundown of 7 Quality gadgets essential for any everyday mission!

1. Memory Stick

Keep all those top files and data securely stored and with you at all times.  USB flash drives are compact, easy to use and can 256GB storage capacity. That’s a lot of storage for photos, movies, files, music and more.

To see the full range now available at, click here or on the photo below.

memory stick collage 5

2. In Car Camera

Record all the action when your on the highways and the byways, with an HD camera that you can easily use in your car.

Offering high-quality footage, in vehicle cameras are an increasingly popular gadget. They might also just save you money on your insurance…

7dayshop sells a great range of these cameras and for less than you might think. Click here or on the photo of the car cameras to find out more.

car camera collage

3. Snood

The ultimate multi-function ‘gadget’ to keep you warm, whether your ski-ing down a snowy mountain or making good your getaway from work. A snood can be used as a neck warmer, a  hat, a face balaclava and can protect the ears as well.

There’s lots of different colours over at 7dayshop, just click here on the photo of the snoods below to find out more.

Snood collage

4. Selfie stick

Need a gadget to take that all important selfie photo or maybe one of your team? Or maybe you need to grab a photo head and shoulders above the crowd?

You need a selfie stick, which can fit in a bag but extends to reach further and give you a different angle. There’s some great deals on selfie sticks, just click here or on the photo of the selfie sticks.

Selfie Stick Collage

5. Smart watch

By smart, we mean style and function combined. You want a watch to cut a dash and stand out when you at the casino or maybe work. 7dayshop has some awesome watches, click here or on the photo of the watches.

Watch Collage

6. Keyring Torch

Never be in the dark again, with a tiny torch that you can attach to your keyring. Surely, an essential gadget for everyday missions.

Click here to see the range of keyring and pocket torches at 7dayshop or click on the photo of the torches. 

Keyring Torch Collage

7. Magic Gloves

When you need to operate your touchscreen device on cold and windy days, these gloves are pretty awesome.

These gloves have special tips on the thumbs, index and middle fingers and can be used with iPhones, iPads and other touchscreen devices. To buy, click here or on the photo of the gloves.

Magic Gloves Collage

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