Tech2014Here’s just 5 “buyable” items from They include a smart way to watch TV, extending your Wi-Fi easily, tiny-sized storage for your movies and music, a high-spec great price tablet and how to avoid your phone running out of juice at the worst moment.

They could make great Christmas presents for friends and family who love a bit of handy technology or perhaps a gift to yourself.

Freeview TV on your phone

TVmanYou can watch Freeview TV on your smartphone, tablet or laptop on the go with this smart little box from Noovo  – and you don’t need the internet or a TV subscription to do it.

On top of that you can listen to radio stations broadcasting via free to aid digital TV, record shows or use it as a media centre (just insert a microSD card). And it’s only £55.99. Click here to read more about the Noovo TVman.

A tiny way to store movies & music


It might be really small, but have you seen On-The-Go (OTG) storage from Kingston? The company’s 64GB DT MicroDuo USB 3.0 micro USB OTG packs quite a punch.

The clever thing is that it has a microUSB connector, which means you could turn your phone or tablet’s microUSB port (normally used for charging) into an expansion port for additional memory.

There’s no annoying extra cables or having to pull your phone apart to insert a fiddly memory card. On top of that, it has a USB connector – making for easy transfer between your device and laptop. To read about the full specification and price information, click here.

High-spec great-price tableti.oniktablet

If you are looking for a Windows tablet, but don’t want to spend a fortune then this 8-inch tablet deserves a look.

The i.Onik TW8 tablet runs Windows 8.1, has Intel quad core and HD graphic power and comes in a stylish metal casing.

When you take a look at the price, the specification is pretty impressive – especially compared to more costly rival tablets.

If you want to know what the price is, click here.

Deal with Wi-Fi dead zonestl-wa854re_01

This TP-Link range extender could help deal with these areas at home where the Wi-Fi signal dies off.

It’s a seriously irritating problem when you are surfing the web and move rooms, only for the connection to disappear.

With this range extender, just plug it into a standard electrical wall socket. Simple to use and compact.

It’s on sale now for a great price as well. To read more, just click here.

Keep phones powered uporzly-power-bank-3

Ever had that sinking moment when you realise your mobile phone is about to run out of juice, just when you’re expecting a call?

Is there anything more annoying when your tablet starts warning that its battery is about to give out.

Well, a powerbank could be the answer.

They are compact and can be easy to carry around. Click here to read more.

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