Read our round up of the speculation around the iPhone 6 launch, possibly alongside an iWatch, on 9 September by Apple. The new phone could feature an “iPayment” system that allows iPhone 6 owners to buy things in physical shops. The company has announced that it is holding a big event on 9 September 2014 with the cryptic message, “Wish we could say more”.

Here are 6 rumours about the iPhone 6

  1. Two sizes: 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch display. The larger screen is said to be an attempt to take on larger screened rivals. At the same time, the new iPhone could be much slimmer (7mm) than its predecessor.
  2. An “iPayment” mobile payment system. Reports suggest iPhone 6 owners will be able to use their phones in place of credit and debit cards or cash to pay for goods in physical stores. The phone could make use of near field communication technology and Touch ID, a fingerprint recognition reader.
  3. A 128GB version and new resolution: a model with higher storage could be available.
  4. Flexible and scratch-proof sapphire screen. A tough and resilient material to improve the durability of smartphones.
  5. Heart rate sensor. This could be a move into the growing health market when it comes to smartphones.
  6. The new phone could go on sale a couple of weeks after the launch – perhaps from around September 19, although there has been speculation the larger “phablet” may reach the shops a little later. Some reports suggest that Apple will keep the pricing system the same as the iPhone 5S. That would mean prices starting at £549 – although mobile phone operators may have their own deals. There have also been suggestions of a premium on the new iPhone.

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