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A usable chocolate teapot: a sweet way to brew tea

It’s a well-worn phrase to describe the shortcomings of a person or an item. But the phrase “as much use as a chocolate teapot” has been literally disproved – with the development of a usable chocolate teapot that doesn’t melt when filled with boiling water. Boffins based at confectionary company Nestlé’s base in York, England, used dark chocolate with 65% cocoa solids so the low fat content would hold hot tea. The fat in chocolate is what makes it melt when placed…

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Street lanes for mobile phone users in China

How’s this for an idea? The city of Chongqing in China has created separate pedestrian lanes for mobile phone users – handy given people’s adherence to their devices. We’ve all seen people looking at their mobile phones or texting, heads down as they walk along  – risking the potential of bumping into other people. The photo above was tweeted by CCTVNews, the English news channel of China Central Television (CCTV) and shows a lane in operation. And as our mobile devices become more and…

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May The Fourth Be With You – Star Wars Day

MAY 4 IS CELEBRATED BY STAR WARS FANS THANKS TO THE PUN ON THE CATCHPRHASE: “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”. The day has been gaining in popularity in recent years thanks to the growth of the internet and social media – although the first reference to May the fourth be with you was reportedly used on May 4 1979 when Margaret Thatcher became the British prime minister. The Conservative party placed a congratulatory advert in the London Evening News…

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