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5 examples of iconic technology today’s kids may not recognise

1. The Supersonic passenger plane Perhaps one of the most iconic passenger planes ever built, this plane was the result of British and French co-operation. It is of course Concorde, which could speed beyond Mach 2 – two times faster than the speed of sound. Scheduled flights began in 1976 but Concorde was officially retired in 2003. The fastest ever transatlantic Concorde flight was to London Heathrow from New York JFK airport and took just under 3 hours and took place in February 1996. Photo…

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Using a mobile phone (photo credit:

Have you heard of “tech-neck”?

Tech neck is claimed to be brought on by regular use of smartphones and tablets. Looking down at devices up to 150 times a day has led to something dubbed tech-neck – with people between 18 and 39 being most affected. It seems to be something to do with saggy skin and a distinct crease around the neck caused by all that looking down, according to the Telegraph website. Although, everyone’s skin is affected by ageing neck-tech is reportedly being seen in much…

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