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The ‘worst passwords’ of 2015 – starwars is a new entry!

Latest annual list of the ‘worst passwords’ released – and you may want to change yours if it’s on this chart. Top of the list for 2015 is 123456, which was also in the number one spot on the list compiled by SplashData, a company that offers password managements applications. The number two spot is also unchanged with password. In at number 25 is starwars – although the company suggests the force isn’t strong in this type of password when it comes…

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The ‘worst passwords of 2014’ – 123456 and password

The number combination ‘123456’ is in at number one, while the word ‘password’ is in at number 2. The annual list of the 25 most common found passwords found on the internet is compiled by SplashData, which provides password management applications and aims to encourage the adoption of stronger passwords. Here’s the rundown from 1 to 25: Rank Password Change from 2013 1 123456 No Change 2 password No Change 3 12345 Up 17 4 12345678 Down 1 5 qwerty…

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