Artificial Intelligence

Watch: ‘Mean’ humans bully robot and it gets up no problems. Heck, it even opens doors

Humanoid robot is pushed around by humans but just carries on. The latest version of the Atlas robot is a seriously impressive piece of technology, if the YouTube video put out by Google’s Boston Dynamics is anything to go by. It’s pushed with a hockey stick but stays on its two feet. And when it is taken by surprise with a shove from a giant stick from behind, it falls over but gets up again. In no way, is it a little bit terrifying…

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Rise of the machines… Bill Gates warning over Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is worried Artificial Intelligence (AI) could get out of control. If you have watched any Terminator films, which feature a world where machines have taken over, you might be a tinsy little bit concerned. And he’s not the only one – renowned scientist Stephen Hawking told the BBC: “The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” Space pioneer and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has also voiced concern about AI. Mr Gates made his…

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