Is this the Apple Watch? (Photo credit: suzymenkesvogue/Instagram)

Speculation is rife that the top Apple Watch Edition could sell for more than £10,000.

One online commentator has suggested the most expensive Edition models could reach into the $20,000 (around £13,000) bracket, while others have suggested the starting price for an Apple Watch made with gold will start at around $5,000 (more than £3,000).
There have also been reports that Apple is installing safes inside its shops to keep its most expensive products under lock and key.

Entry model cost

For those with lower budgets, the entry level Sport model is expected to sell from $349 (around £227) with the actual Apple Watch named device sitting between it and the Edition versions in terms of price. The Apple Watch is expected to go on sale soon.

Demand for smartwatches and wearables

As we’ve previously reported, some analysts believe that the Apple Watch could be the product that transforms demand for smartwatches – doing what the iPad did for the tablet market.
Predictions of up to 37 million Apple Watches being sold in its first year have been made, while other technology companies have also brought out smartwatches and fitness bands.

How about buying a traditional watch?

There are plenty of cool-looking and retro watches, which look good on your wrist, and that won’t break the bank! Just take a look at this gallery of watches, which you can find on sale at

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