Update (12/03/15): Apple’s iTunes service suffered an outage for several hours yesterday and was reportedly down because of an “internal error”.

In a statement to CNBC last night, Apple apologised to customers experiencing problems with iTunes and other services, adding: “The cause was an internal DNS error at Apple.”

The company also thanked everyone for their patience as it worked to make all services available.

The internet is awash with reports that Apple has suffered outages on a number of its services, including iTunes.

On the Apple website, the page showing the system status of the company’s services, stores and iCloud appear to suggest there are issues (as of 14.51 GST). As well as reported knock-on effects for customers, the Daily Mail website has reported that the apparent iTunes outage could be costing Apple a staggering more than $2 million an hour (£1.34m) or $34,000 every minute (around £23,000).

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