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Google has turned itself into Alphabet,  a new holding company that owns the Google search engine, gmail, YouTube and so-called “moon-shot” businesses.

But despite it’s huge online presence and power, it turns out that Google/Alphabet doesn’t appear to actually own the web address

That apparently belongs to a vehicle fleet management business that is part of car maker BMW, according to the Techcrunch news website – ironic given Google’s much-publicised development of driverless cars.

Instead, the announcement about the change in the company’s structure directs to

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Google co-founder Larry Page, in a post, said the overhaul was designed to make it “cleaner and more accountable” to reflect that the company was now a collection of businesses – the largest being Google, but also life sciences, investment arms and the research-driven X Lab.

It would also allow Google’s founder to focus more on “starting new things”, signalled Mr Page.

But some people might suggest that E is for Epic and F is for Fail when it comes to the domain name… athough, others might see it as kinda cool.

‘Trademark infringement’?

The New York Times has reported that BMW is examining whether any trademark infringement has taken place. It quoted a BMW spokeswoman, who also said: “We are not planning to sell the domain.”

The spokeswoman also said that the company was not informed ahead of plans by Google’s founders to create Alphabet and had not received any offers to buy the internet domain or the trademark.

The same report explained that trademark infringement occurs if another company’s use of the same name could cause confusion among consumers and pointed out that Google is involved in the car industry.

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