Britain’s gone lotto crazy with an estimated £57.8m jackpot this Saturday. Here’s 4 things you could buy if you win!

Most of Gareth Bale – the world’s most expensive footballer

You could go in dibs with Manchester United to try and land Gareth Bale from Real Madrid. The Daily Mirror reports that the Manchester club is ready to relaunch a £75million-plus bid to land the footballer.

A warehouse of flash drives

How about 7,133,917 flash drives from Kingston.  You can store up to 32GB of music, pictures, files and more on each Kingston Data Traveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0 Flash Drive USB 3.0 Memory Stick – 32GB. That’s actually a whopping 228,285,356GB!

Maybe you just one but at £7.99 (including delivery), these memory sticks are a bit of a bargain. Click here to see more information or on the photo below.


An Andy Warhol painting (and have some change)

Fancy yourself as an art collector now you have the cash. Well, one of American artist Andy Warhol’s painting fetched a cool $36m (£24.65) last year, according to the BBCGood luck and don’t forget! 

A ticket into space

The going price is around the £52m mark for a ride to the International Space Station, according to a recent report in The Guardian.  While you’re there, you might want to say hello to British astronaut Tim Peake.

But there’s a $675 MILLION lottery jackpot in the US yet to be won

This makes the UK lottery jackpot look like loose change down the back of the sofa! The incredible $675 million (£622m) prize is a rollover jackpot.

But to win the American prize, The Independent reports that you need to beat odds of 292.2 million to one. The odds in the UK are 45 million to one, which might seem a little better.

Consider though that the odds of being hit by lightning are 960,000 to one.


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