An 18-inch display that can be rolled up like a newspaper has been unveiled by electronics firm LG.

The company says it’s a world first and that the display uses cutting-edge technology to achieve such amazing flexibility.

LG is showcasing the new rollable display, as well as other innovations, at the CES 2016 international consumer electronics show being held in Las Vegas.

“The showroom will highlight the key advantages of OLED, including its superior picture quality and its extreme design flexibility that makes it suitable for many different electronics applications and devices,” said the company in a press release.

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“The company will also showcase futuristic concept displays that highlight the dynamic forms that OLED can achieve, including the world’s first 30R 18-inch rollable display that can be rolled-up like a newspaper; a 55-inch design concept OLED TV display that is paper-thin since the electric circuits are installed separately; and a matching pair of 65-inch extreme-curve concave/convex OLED displays.”

Dr. Sang-Beom Han, vice chairman & CEO of LG Display, also said the company wanted to respond “quickly to trends in the expanding OLED market, including the fast-growing automotive and signage sectors”.

Industry watchers have also speculated that flexible screens could also lead to devices with wrap-around screens in smartphones, tablets and other devices.


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