It’s that time of year when the sun is hopefully shining and we’re thinking about summer holidays.

But what should we take with us? Here’s our list of 5 musts:


1. Waterproof case for your iPad, Kindle or tablet

Protect your tech baby from water, dirt and dust.

There are plenty of cases available and they don’t cost much – especially given the risk to your device:

  • > for iPad/10″ tablet
  • > iPad Mini or other 7″ or 8″ tablets
  • > Waterproof beach pouch/case for Amazon Kindle 3, 4, Touch, Paparewhite, Kobo touch, keyboard – this version is in blue
  • > Waterproof beach pouch / case – for Amazon Kindle 3, 4, Touch, Paperwhite Kobo Touch, keyboard – this version is in black


2. Memory card for your holiday snaps and videos

There’s a massive range available in different sizes and memory storage whether it’s for your mobile phone or camera.

pb3.  Power bank: avoid your phone or mobile device running out of juice at the worst moment

These compact gadgets are quite simply brilliant and are becoming more and more popular.


HF4. A decent pair of headphones

Surely, an absolute essential – not least for the plane.

We can recommend these AERO 7 active noise cancelling headphones with aeroplane kit and travel kit.


tp5. Travel adapter plug

Very, very useful!

Take a look at the Ultramax Swiss – Worldwide Travel Adapter for 100-240V Mains.

It fits any plug to any plug!