How To Choose Between SDHC, SDXC, Micro SD and Compact Flash Memory Cards for your Camera, Mobile Phone, Tablet etc in 2017

A guide to memory cards from 7dayshop.com for 2019

How to choose the right card SD memory cards are now pretty much standard for a range of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and camcorders. Getting the right card is essential. They can increase the storage capacity and performance of your device. Memory card formats: SD, microSD and CompactFlash SD, microSD and CompactFlash are the main card sizes on the market today. Within each card size, there are different classes of storage capacity and speed. SD memory cards are…

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Cost of memory cards falls by 100 times in under 10 years

An SD memory card might have set you back £27.50 per gigabyte in 2006, but you can now pick up the latest Kingston SDXC UHS-I card, for just under 28p per gigabyte. 2006 Way back 10 years ago, 7dayshop.com was selling 2GB memory cards costing £54.99 (a very low price at the time) – which was equivalent to £27.495 a GB. – You can see a snapshot page-grab image from the wayback machine internet archive below… 2016 Skip forward 10 years to today, and as you can…

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Facebook is Changing How You Can See Posts – What To Do

You could be about to miss out on great posts, news, deals and photos on Facebook. Did you know Facebook is changing the way that you can see posts on your timeline? Here’s what to do to make sure you don’t miss anything from 7dayshop.com on Facebook and your other favourite pages: 1. When you’re on Facebook on your computer, click on the arrow pointing down at the top right hand corner. 2. This will show a drop down menu, select News…

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“We Really Enjoyed Using The Selfie Stick”: Reviews By Mums

A round-up of useful selfie stick reviews by mums who tested out a selfie stick for themselves. What is a selfie stick? So, you may have seen the craze for selfie sticks and been wondering whether to buy one. Well, a selfie stick is an extendable stick with a holder for your mobile phone that allows you to take self portraits aka selfies as well as group shots more easily. No more trying to cram everything by putting your arm out…

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Cheap Smartphones – Top Features At Budget Price

You can now buy an Android smartphone for little more than £50 with features you might expect from a more expensive device. A new breed of low-cost, high-spec smartphones are reaching our shores and proving increasingly popular – giving more expensive rivals a run for their money. With phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple offering ever more expensive smartphones, a gap in the market has opened up for budget smartphones that appeal to consumers who like their technology but don’t want to pay…

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Secure Your ‘Password’ – By Eating It!

No more annoying passwords to remember! Capsules could be swallowed and beam out unique data from inside your body to access online services. These capsules could detect, for example glucose levels, and send out information in an encrypted format to prevent hacking. The batteries of such devices could be powered by stomach acid! Other options include embedding think silicon chips into the skin, which would measure the heart’s unique electrical activity and transmit the information. The ideas have been publicised by PayPal’s global…

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Was This The World's First Video Game (photo via BNL)

The World’s First Computer Games From The 1940s and 1950s

You’d be wrong to think that computer games were invented in the 1970s. Games were being developed more than 60 YEARS ago by trail-blazing researchers. Fun titles included Tennis For Two Granted, it might not look like much – one horizontal line with a small vertical line and what looks a bit like a smudge on the screen. But they represent the tennis court, net and ball flying between two players who served and volleyed using controllers with buttons and rotating dials. The…

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Fish Eye lens taken using a clip-on macro lens on an iPhone 6 Plus (7dayshop.com)

Smartphone Photos: How To Get A Different Angle

Want to try out something different when it comes to snapping pictures on your smartphone? How about using a simple, affordable compact clip on lens kit? The photo above of a fish eye lens showing the fine detail of the letters was taken with an iPhone 6 Plus and a macro lens, safely and quickly clipped on over the phone’s camera. Get up nice and close to get the best results with the macro lens. It’s part of a universal…

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450 Reasons Not To Buy A Gold Apple Watch

You could buy 450 Hannspree Sport Watches with core smart functions for the same price as an 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition. The Hannspree Sport Watch looks stylish, is eminently wearable and costs just £29.99 at 7dayshop.com (UK price inclusive of VAT, but excludes delivery, which is as low as £1.99). Compare that to a top-of-the-range Apple Watch edition, which would set you back £13,500 (largely thanks to the 18-carat gold used in the casing), according to a recent report on macworld.co.uk. And…

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9 Awesome April Fool’s Day Hoaxes

Spaghetti growing on trees, square eggs, flying penguins, broadband ferrets and more funny hoaxes – you will enjoy reading this list of classic hoaxes that fooled many people. The Spaghetti Tree Back in 1957, relatively few people in the UK ate spaghetti so when the BBC aired a news report about a Swiss family harvesting the crop from their spaghetti tree, a good many people believed it. (Photo: Screen grab from YouTube/MySwitzerland of BBC report) Trained ferrets used to expand broadband network…

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