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Bag yourself amazing deals at 7dayshop.com on your smartphone, tablet or other devices. It’s now even easier to bag amazing deals at 7dayshop.com with the launch of the online retailer’s mobile site. All you need to do is go to www.7dayshop.com and get shopping. The site is responsive, which means it will fit your your screen size – meaning an enjoyable and easy shopping experience for you. More From The 7dayshop blog Pac-Man or Space Invaders? 5 Classic Video Games World’s Highest Capacity MicroSD Memory…

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Pac-Man & 4 Other Video Games You Loved As A Kid!

You will love this list of classic video games and the memories they bring back! 1. Pac-Man  Released in 1980, it become a cultural and money-making phenomenon. Surely, one of the best games ever. 2. Mario Bros Who doesn’t love Mario and Luigi, the plumbers in one of the most famous video game franchises ever? The first game, Mario Bros, was released for arcades in 1983. 3. Tetris Anyone who ever had a Gameboy will remember this puzzle block game fondly from 1989…

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5 Great Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is nearly here and we’ve got great gift ideas for you 1. A beautiful canvas print A picture really does say a thousand words, and the gift of a unique canvas print from snapmad.com will be treasured by mums. You can turn your photo of a special place or family occasion into a stunning and lovely present for Mother’s Day. Snapmad.com also do photo prints and enlargements as well as photo mugs. You can find snapmad.com’s great prices by clicking here. 2. A colourful iPhone…

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Could Gold Apple Watch Cost More Than £10,000?

Speculation is rife that the top Apple Watch Edition could sell for more than £10,000. One online commentator has suggested the most expensive Edition models could reach into the $20,000 (around £13,000) bracket, while others have suggested the starting price for an Apple Watch made with gold will start at around $5,000 (more than £3,000). There have also been reports that Apple is installing safes inside its shops to keep its most expensive products under lock and key. Entry model cost For those with…

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Punk Photography: Former Buzzcocks Drummer John Maher’s Stunning Night Pictures

“Night photography made me look at things differently,” says photographer John Maher, who was also the drummer in legendary band Buzzcocks. “With night photography I can revisit those same subjects and scenes I see every day and turn them into something the human eye can never record.” “I realised that by manipulating light and exposure times I could create something no other medium could capture. “With night photography in particular, the long moonlit exposures allow me sufficient time to selectively light the…

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5 Cool Old Phones – Did You Have One Of Them?

Remember when mobile phones were cutting edge and looked like something out of the future? The Ericsson T28. With its flip down communicator style, you could be forgiven for thinking you were using a device quite literally beamed from the future. In fact, this phone was launched in 1999 but was just 15mm slim and weighed just 83g, It might have had a big antenna sticking out the top, but to be honest it didn’t matter. The looks said it all. DynaTAC…

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Car traffic (photo credit: graphicstock.com)

End of the road for car giants?

Digital applications have revolutionised the mobile phone sector, producing new business models. Ashley Potter finds out whether the same could be about to happen to the car industry The car industry is currently mulling over the biggest transformation in its history since Henry Ford set up shop in Dearborn, Michigan. Before Ford, the automobile was an expensive plaything for the rich that had little effect on the prevalent form of transportation – horse-drawn vehicles. Ford’s introduction of the mass production assembly line and…

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14 Amazing Photos of Earth from Space

Awesome gallery looking at Earth from space – showing the beauty of our planet from stunning storms to cities and landscapes. Astronauts from the International Space Station (ISS) regularly tweet images taken from their incredible vantage point about 200 miles over Earth. Here’s a selection of some recent images taken by Sam Cristoforetti, Terry W. Virts and Anton Shkaplerov. MORE TOP STORIES – CLICK BELOW This Photo Was Taken Using A KITE! See More Pictures Here Red Arrows Photos: Stunning Winter…

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5 Amazing ‘Facts’ about Valentine’s Day

1. Americans will spend $703m on their pets A record one in five Americans will give gifts to their animals this Valentine’s Day, spending $5.28 on average, which equates to $703 million (£461m), according to a survey for the US National Retail Federation. 2. Lots of St Valentine’s Days You may think there’s only one St Valentine, but it turns out there are quite a few. Two St Valentines are celebrated on February 14, according to Wikipedia – including a Valentine of Rome who was…

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Awesome video: How to make a simple motor with an AA battery

Watch experts from the At-Bristol Science Centre create a simple electric motor using a 7dayshop.com battery, a magnet, a screw and insulated wire. (Video credit: At-Bristol/YouTube) We think this is a pretty awesome demonstration from the team and thanks for using 7dayshop.com batteries! The video features Sarah Stephens and Nerys Shah, from the centre’s Live Science Team and was produced by  Ross Exton, Live Science Video Producer. Find out more about the At-Bristol Science Centre > click here Find out more about 7dayshop batteries > click…

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