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Back To The Future Day: October 21 – The Day Marty McFly Arrived In 2015

Great Scott! Here’s 7 things that Back To The Future II correctly and wrongly predicted about 2015! Starring Michael J Fox as Marty McFly, the Back To The Future film franchise about a time travelling teenager has to be one of the 20th century’s most iconic films. It has spawned an army of fans and even it’s own official website and hashtag #BTTF2015! But just what did it get right when it imagined what life would look like in 2015 when…

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Watch: Working Hoverboard Set New World Record

Farthest journey by hoverboard (Guinness World Records/YouTube) Marty McFly eat your heart out! Canadian Catalin Alexandru Durum flies 275.9m (905ft 2in) on self-made hoverboard in his own case of back to the future. And it’s been declared a world record by the Guinness World Records, which has posted footage of the flight on its YouTube channel. The flight was achieved over Lake Ouareau in Quebec, Canada, on 25 August 2014 on a machine built and designed by the flyer, who said he was the…

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Just how cool is this? A real life HOVERBOARD!

Remember Marty McFly’s hoverboard in Back to the Future? You will love this! Check out the video of skateboarding legend Tony Hawk trying out a real-life hoverboard and read more about it here. Video credit: Hendo Hover, YouTube, Sterling Communications The hoverboard is pretty cool – and has foot pads for traction on top and four hover engine housings underneath for lift and stability. There is also 1 inch of ride height for taking on hover-ramps. It’s all to do with what has…

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