Columbia University

Flexible sheet camera (screen grab via YouTube/Columbia Engineering video)

This invention could revolutionise photography and videos

CAMERAS MADE OUT OF FLEXIBLE SHEETS CAN SNAP IMAGES THAT CONVENTIONAL CAMERAS CANNOT MANAGE INVENTED. Bend to change the field of view In a video posted to YouTube, a team from Columbia University in the US has set out how they developed a sheet camera. The sheet features an array of lenses where the focal length of each lenses adapts to how much it is being flexed. And the researchers achieved that using an elastic material. And one very cool potential prospect is a credit card-sized…

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The Self-Powered Camera That Can Take Pictures Forever

A new digital camera can produce an image every second theoretically forever – by using the same light used to take the picture! It’s all to do with the image sensor inside the heart of any digital camera, which is a chip with millions of pixels. The key part in a pixel is something called the photodiode, which produces an electrical current when exposed to light. An engineering professor at Columbia University in New York realised a photodiode is also…

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