Eclipse Photos 2015

A stunning set of photographs of this year’s solar eclipse sent in to us by those of saw the event – without the clouds obscuring the view! The first collection of photos was taken by Alan McLean near Hamilton in Scotland. (Photo credit: Alan Mclean Photography/Twitter) This great photo was taken by Erwin Jung near Dumfries, in south Scotland. He used a Samsung compact camera with a Samsung SD card from (Photo credit: Erwin Jung) This stunning photo was taken by…

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How To Make Your Own Eclipse 2015

Didn’t see the eclipse – well here’s how to make your own. All you need is a few rubber bands to create a moon ball and a sun ball. Simply then use your hands to create the movement, get the right perspective, fiddle with the photo – and hey presto, it’s your own eclipse! Check out the “amazing” eclipse footage that we’ve posted on our Facebook page by clicking >> here More from the 7dayshop blog 5 Amazing Eclipse Photos…

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5 Amazing Eclipse Photos Taken From Earth

Stunning photos showing the beauty of eclipses – read how they were taken from Earth. Ahead of the solar eclipse on Friday 20 March 2015, we thought we would showcase these incredible photos taken by Dr James West, who is the executive director of the South East Physics Network (SEPnet). Dr West took all of these images from Earth. This first image was taken in China, by the Gobi Desert, during a total solar eclipse in August 1 2008. Dr James used…

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