This is what Facebook looked like in 2004 and its changing face over the years

It was originally called thefacebook before the was dropped and it went on to become the global social media giant that it is today. It was slowly opened up to the wider world from college students initially to now. Here’s a selection of screen grabs of how the login page has developed over the years taken from the Internet Archive wayback machine website. Facebook’s birthday is on 4 Februrary 2016 having been created in 2004 as thefacebook. MORE TOP LINKS –…

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Facebook reactions have arrived: like, love, wow, haha, angry and sad

No more just LIKE button, new reaction buttons have been added to Facebook when you want to comment on posts. Wow, haha, love, angry and sad are now alongside the thumbs-up button. Of course not everything deserves a Like on Facebook, and some have campaigned for a dis-like button – with the new offerings a response to this sentiment. The usual thumbs-up button appear under each post but if you press on it a little longer on your smartphone, then the…

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Connected Earth (photo credit: graphicstock.com)

Quite Simply WOW! 1 BILLION people use Facebook on just ONE day

One in 7 of all humans on Earth logged onto Facebook in a single day. It’s been described as an important milestone by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg after being reached on Monday 24 August 2015. In a Facebook post, Mr Zuckerberg said he was proud of the Facebook community for what it had achieved and that it was only the start of connecting the world “I’m so proud of our community for the progress we’ve made. Our community stands for…

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ET Tweet Home – Twitter And Facebook Investor Funds $100m Search For Aliens

A billionaire who made early punts on Twitter and Facebook is ploughing a fortune into finding intelligent alien life. Yuri Milner will fund work by SETI researchers for the next decade – allowing them to use the world’s biggest telescopes to hunt for ET from 2016. Celebrated British scientist Stephen Hawking is among those to have endorsed the project, according to the Wall Street Journal. But the question remains will the aliens tweet their existence or friend the human race…

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Facebook is Changing How You Can See Posts – What To Do

You could be about to miss out on great posts, news, deals and photos on Facebook. Did you know Facebook is changing the way that you can see posts on your timeline? Here’s what to do to make sure you don’t miss anything from 7dayshop.com on Facebook and your other favourite pages: 1. When you’re on Facebook on your computer, click on the arrow pointing down at the top right hand corner. 2. This will show a drop down menu, select News…

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U2 Bono “sorry” over free album for iTunes accounts

The lead singer of Irish rock band U2 has apologised after offering the band’s new album for free to iTunes customers worldwide – following a backlash, with people complaining they never asked for it. Bono said he was sorry in a video, which featured the band answering questions from fans on Facebook, after being asked to never release an album on iTunes that automatically downloads to people’s playlists ever again because “it’s really rude”. “Oops,” said Bono. “I’m sorry about that. “I…

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