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Photographer Road Tests 7dayshop Tripod Across Europe – Here Are The Results

Sophia Groves is a fashion, commercial and landscape photographer based in London. Here’s what she found when she took the 7dayshop Travel Pro-Tripod with her during a recent trip to Europe. She is also a freelance photo retoucher and ecommerce/music stylist, photo editor and half of the lifestyle blog Brunette Swirls. On tour – a photographic opportunity Over the past few weeks I have been on tour across the UK with the wonderful Arcane Roots, and last week I joined them for…

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Northern Lights: stunning photos and Aurora Borealis explained

The Northern Lights are nature’s very own incredible light show. With eerie luminous streaks running across the sky, they have long been a source of fascination and wonderment. The Northern Lights are also known as the aurora borealis – named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for the north wind, Boreas. Scientists have discovered that the Northern Lights are created when particles thrown out by the sun during solar explosions interact with the atmosphere in…

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HDR Photography: How To Take High Dynamic Range pictures

“High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is about making the most of the shadows, mid tones and the highlights. By using multiple exposure we can merge these together to make one stunning image. “So that’s at least three, one normal exposure, one a few steps down and another equal steps up. The HDR effect can be completed using only a single image, a process called tone mapping, but this doesn’t really cut it,” says photographer Andy Scott. See his stunning photos…

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Motor racing photography: great tips and photos

This is an amazing action-packed gallery packed with racing cars as well as useful tips for motorsport photography taken by 7dayshop customer Stefan Cloete.  See more amazing pictures & photo tips – just click on the images below Further useful links Stock up on batteries Find the memory card you need at a great price How many memory cards do you need to “equal” the human brain? See what people are saying on Facebook Shop at

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