Operating System and File System Cross Compatibility Windows Linux Apple

Operating Systems and File Systems Cross-Compatibility: Windows, Apple, Linux, Playstation, xBox, Android

Operating Systems and File Systems Compatibility Why would you need to know? There are many operating systems (like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) that use different ‘file systems’ that organise programs and the storage of data. Each operating system has limits to what it can read and write to, in terms of compatibility. Here is a simple chart showing the cross-compatibility of Operating Systems and File Systems as they come ‘Out Of The Box’.  There are several software packages…

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Playstation processor guides space probe to Pluto (composite photo. Pluto - Nasa. Playstation - Evan-Amos own work – public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Surely, the BEST video ‘game’ ever….PlutoFlyBy

Pluto space probe guided by processing unit found in original Playstation games console. The New Horizons spacecraft has travelled 3 BILLION miles to take spectacular photos of the distant dwarf planet having left Earth in 2006. And all the time, it’s been guided by a MIPS R3000 CPU – the same processing unit used in the original Sony Playstation, albeit it radition-hardened To be honest, that’s pretty awesome – especially when you realise the spacecraft is the size of a grand piano. But according…

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