Clocks go forward – but why have we been doing this for 100 years?

British Summer Time starts on the last Sunday in March, with clocks going forward one hour at 1am in the UK – here’s the story why. 100 years anniversary No, it’s not because of a Time Lord, but it is because of a chap called William Willett who campaigned for British Summer Time (BST) from 1907 and the First World War. He wanted to stop people from wasting hours of light during summer mornings. Mr Willett proposed advancing the clocks…

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We’re All Getting An EXTRA Second Tonight – Here’s Why

Earth’s time lords have decided to add a leap second to time to reflect the general slowing of the Earth’s rotation around the sun. There have been concerns that the step could affect computer systems across the world, but experts say the move is necessary because our time would eventually go out of sync with solar time. In other words, the clock might say it is the middle of the day but it would be night time. And while it would take…

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“Boxing Day and Weekend Sale From”

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