Stunning snow photos – UK weather

Super snow photos from across the UK! A stunning picture from a wintry Preston by photographer Paul Melling (photo credit: @Pjmimages/Twitter) This was also taken by Paul, and almost looks like a scene from the Alps. (photo credit: @Pjmimages/Twitter) This is Scrufty out in the snow in Greater Manchester taken by Bekki Bailey (photo credit: Baileykins93/Twitter) This evocative image was captured by John in Buxton, Derbyshire. (Photo credit: @elcid18/Twitter) This snowy scene from Horbury, Wakefield, was taken by Anna Wrigglesworth (photo credit: AnnaTWriggs/Twitter)…

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May The Gale Force Be With You

Bad weather forecast for parts of the UK? Then, you need to get a multi-colour LED light (saber) umbrella from Your colour choices / lighting modes are: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Sky Blue, Deep Purple, Pink and then press again for the colour changing mode which fades through all the colours in around 5 seconds – a VERY attractive effect indeed! They look awesome and are very handy as well – click on the image of the umbrella below…

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In Case The St Swithin’s Day Legend About Rain Is True, you NEED this umbrella

The legend is that if it rains on July 15, the UK is in for 40 days and nights of wet weather. Just in case it’s true, here’s a list of some essentials you might need: 1. The LED umbrella This brolly looks rather sci-fi movie, but is also practical. It’s on sale at now, click here to read more. 2. Waterproof suit Does what it says – ideal for 40 days of rain. Available at a low price, click…

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Turning professional: the former RAF man making photography a business

For many amateur photographers, the dream is to make it as a professional. And for Pete Dewhirst, it’s dream that became a reality. He has since gone on to photograph royalty, politicians, music events and protests. Pete made the move having spent a career in the RAF and working for an international telecommunications company with both jobs taking him around the world. In between, Pete has found time to excel in triathlons and duathlons and going on to represent Britain! Love of…

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Wildlife photography on your doorstep: amazing photos and tips

You may think that you need to travel to get incredible photos of wildlife. But the reality is there is so much to take amazing pictures of all on your doorstep, according to photographer Ashley Boelens. He takes fantastic photos of wildlife and most of it is within 2 miles of his home in Milton Keynes. You don’t need to go far to take wildlife photos “The great thing is that you don’t have to go far either, there are…

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