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Secure Your ‘Password’ – By Eating It!

No more annoying passwords to remember! Capsules could be swallowed and beam out unique data from inside your body to access online services. These capsules could detect, for example glucose levels, and send out information in an encrypted format to prevent hacking. The batteries of such devices could be powered by stomach acid! Other options include embedding think silicon chips into the skin, which would measure the heart’s unique electrical activity and transmit the information. The ideas have been publicised by PayPal’s global…

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The ‘worst passwords of 2014’ – 123456 and password

The number combination ‘123456’ is in at number one, while the word ‘password’ is in at number 2. The annual list of the 25 most common found passwords found on the internet is compiled by SplashData, which provides password management applications and aims to encourage the adoption of stronger passwords. Here’s the rundown from 1 to 25: Rank Password Change from 2013 1 123456 No Change 2 password No Change 3 12345 Up 17 4 12345678 Down 1 5 qwerty…

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