The cartridges have been making landfall in following a cargo spill during an Atlantic storm.

They have been washing up on beaches around the UK and Ireland from the Chanel Islands to the Hebrides. More than 50 have been found in the Azores and Portugal, according to a Facebook page Lego Lost at Sea set up to track flotsam that has contributions coming in around the world.

HP printer ink cartridges washed up (photo credit: Lego Lost At Sea/Facebook)

The BBC reported that HP said the spill was due to an Atlantic storm more than a year ago and that: “Based on global standards, we can confirm there is no risk to sea life from the ink as it is water based.

“We are in the process of setting up a fund in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society to support the collection of the cartridges and very much appreciate the support of the local beach cleaning organisations and individuals who have been doing so.”

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