Super snow photos from across the UK!

A stunning picture from a wintry Preston by photographer Paul Melling (photo credit: @Pjmimages/Twitter)

Paul Melling UK snow March 16

This was also taken by Paul, and almost looks like a scene from the Alps. (photo credit: @Pjmimages/Twitter)

This is Scrufty out in the snow in Greater Manchester taken by Bekki Bailey (photo credit: Baileykins93/Twitter)

John Uk snow March 16

This evocative image was captured by John in Buxton, Derbyshire. (Photo credit: @elcid18/Twitter)

This snowy scene from Horbury, Wakefield, was taken by Anna Wrigglesworth (photo credit: AnnaTWriggs/Twitter)

Heavy snowfall in Nelson, Lancashire. Peter Walsh took this photo at an elevation of 200 metres. (Photo credit: @StormPawz/Twitter)

snoods collage 150116 b

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Here are some photos from earlier this year when the first widespread snow hit the UK.

kate blunt 1

Paws for thought, Toby Jugs the dog appears skeptical about the snow in Gentleshaw, Lichfield, Staffordshire. Great photo by Kate Blunt (Photo credit: @katiesohal/Twitter)

Gavin Fabiani Laymon 2

Snow at sunrise in Princetown, Dartmoor. This beautiful photo was taken by Gavin Fabiani-Laymon (Photo credit: @gavinfabiani/Twitter)

fishowned 1

Superb photo of sunrise at Haytor, Dartmoor by Twitter user Finchowned (Photo credit: Finchowned/Twitter)

Raven photograpy 1

Snow lined roofs in Werrington, Staffordshire, This wintry scene was captured by Raven Photography by Jenna Goodwin (Photo credit: Raven Photography/Twitter)

Darren Haworth 1

This gorgeous photo was taken in Keswick, in the Lake District by Darren Haworth (Photo credit: @DCHaworth/Twitter)

gleneagles 1

Out on the green, or should that be snow! Great photo by Steve Chappell, head greenkeeper of PGA Centenary Golf Course at The Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland (Photo credit: Steve Chappell/Twitter)


Ollie Wood took this evocative images of the Kirkstone Pass, also in the Lake District. (Photo credit: @OllieScouts/Twitter)

Yew Tree Farm 1

This lovely photo was taken by the guys on Yew Tree Farm, a heritage meats farm, in Coniston. (Photo credit: @Jonatyewtree/Twitter)

Gavin Fabiani Laymon 1

Snow at sunrise in Princetown, Dartmoor. Another evocative photo by Gavin Fabiani-Laymon (Photo credit: @gavinfabiani/Twitter)

Nick Ray

Nick Ray took this enchanting photo in Whinlatter forest, in the Lake District. (Photo credit: @nickeasyliferay/Twitter


Another photo of the Kirkstone Pass road by Ollie Wood. (Photo credit: @OllieScouts/Twitter)

Graham Uney 1

Snow on the Great Mell Fell in the Lakes by Graham Uney Mountaineering.  (Photo credit: @GrahamUney/Twitter)

Honister 2

Honister Pass looking majestic in this photo by the team at the Honister slate mine. (Photo credit: @Honister/Twitter)


Another smashing photo by Ollie Wood. (Photo credit: @OllieScouts/Twitter)

gleneagles 2

Another wintry scene captured by Steve Chappell, head greenkeeper of PGA Centenary Golf Course at The Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland (Photo credit: Steve Chappell/Twitter)

Honister 1

And another photo of Honister pass by the Honister slate mine team. (Photo credit: @Honister/Twitter)


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