It’s a well-worn phrase to describe the shortcomings of a person or an item. But the phrase “as much use as a chocolate teapot” has been literally disproved – with the development of a usable chocolate teapot that doesn’t melt when filled with boiling water.


The chocolate teapot (screen grab from YouTube/Nestle)

Boffins based at confectionary company Nestlé’s base in York, England, used dark chocolate with 65% cocoa solids so the low fat content would hold hot tea. The fat in chocolate is what makes it melt when placed in the mouth.

It took several modifications and experimentation to get the right level of chocolate thickness to withstand the hot tea with Nestlé Master Chocolatier John Costello leading the team, reported the company. The chocolate tea pot arose following a challenge by the BBC’s The One Show.

Here’s the video that Nestlé posted on YouTube:

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