Windows 10 is coming (photo credit:

Windows 10 is coming (photo credit:

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The start menu appears to be back with Windows 10, which Microsoft is expected to further show off on Wednesday 21 January 2015.

Following the lukewarm, at best, response to Windows 8, Microsoft has decided to skip a number to Windows 10 – which some have argued is an attempt to differentiate its latest product.

The computing giant’s ambition is to create a platform that will run across different devices from mobile phones, tablets, PCs – albeit with a tailored experience for each.

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella will be speaking at the company’s Windows 10 media briefing on 21 January outlining what is next for Windows 10.

The focus could be on the consumer features of the new platform, including for phones and tablets.

A new web browser?

Speculation is rife that a new internet browser could form part of the package. Reportedly code-named Spartan, the new browser could be more like rivals Chrome and Firefox.

And Microsoft’s Cortana “personal assistant” system could feature, according to

Users will also be able to annotate a web page with a stylus and share the notes, reports Versions will reportedly eventually be available as an app for desktop, phones and tablets.

But Internet Explorer could continue to be included in Windows 10 for legacy compatibility reasons.

The start menu returns

As the main image at the top of the blog shows, Microsoft says the start menu is back but “brings with it a new customizable space for your favourite apps and Live Tiles”.

On it’s Windows blog, it also reveals that apps from the Windows Store now open in windows in the same way desktop programmes do.

Other promised features include snap enhancements, a new task view button plus the ability to create desktops for different purposes and switching easily between them.

Will you be getting Windows 10?

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