New plants can be harvested as USB cables – and cut according to the required length.

The first harvest

Researchers have genetically engineered plants to develop as biodegradable USB cables and are due to bring in the first harvest later this year.

Dr April F O’ols, a researcher at the AFD institute in southern Switzerland, explained that her team had also had success in turning petals and flowers into USB connectors, whether for micro USB ports or other sizes.

The USB flowers can also be harvested and attached to the root end of the USB plants, ready for use with electronic devices.

Full-scale production some time off 

While the first plants are due to be harvested, it’s still likely to be several years before the new USB cables reach the shops. In the meantime, 7dayshop stocks an excellent range of USB cables – just click here or the image below.


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Spaghetti Tree

Dr O’ols said she was inspired to come up with the idea after seeing a video of the famous Spaghetti Tree from the 1950s.

“Seeing that old footage inspired me to become a scientist and develop innovative ways to help technological development,” she said.

“Obviously, that was a brilliant hoax while what we are doing is truly incredible research.”


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