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These torx keys are crafted with chrome vanadium steel shafts and feature comfortable PP handles. They are designed with double ends, making them versatile for both short and long reach applications. These torx keys are conveniently packaged on a sturdy, wall-mountable metal storage rack.The set inc..
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Jump leads are an invaluable piece of kit in the event of a flat car battery. Keeping a set of booster cables in the boot will save you from draining your battery entirely as you won’t have to force the ignition the next time your engine doesn’t fire up. 1 pair of 3 metre fully insulated jump leads..
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Carrying high visibility clothing in your car is recommended good practice & compulsory throughout Europe where every occupant of the vehicle must have one.AA's high visibility vest provides maximum visibility in an emergency situation and should be an essential part of your car safety equipmen..
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These paint brushes are manufactured with synthetic filaments which will ensure a very fine finish on walls, ceilings, wood & metal.Approx Sizes: 2 x 1”, 2 x 1½” & 1 x 2”..
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This box will effectively shield all signals to prevent criminals from using key fob skimming tools to accessyour vehicle. It is manufactured with high density faraday fabric, anti-friction PVC leather, tight seams &a metal buckle. It can hold up to 5-7 car keys including key rings & house k..
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Introducing the ProUser BP400 waterproof RFID pouch crafted from high-quality carbon fibre material, offering multi-layered protection with built-in RFID shielding functionality.Featuring a robust Velcro fastening mechanism, this pouch is designed to accommodate the majority of car key fobs, ensurin..
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