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8 SPRAY PATTERNS: This versatile car wash and garden sprayer has 8 spray patterns: shower, mist, cone, rinse, stream, flat, centre and jet. DISPENSING CONTAINER: It has a 100ml variable soap / liquid feed dispenser container with a handy flow control dial. FITS ANY ½” HOSE CONNECTOR: The sprayer c..
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These lanterns are manufactured from a durable lightweight ABS construction with 360° bright white COB bulbs up to 260 lumens, plus sturdy metal handles for carrying or hanging. They are easy to operate, simply lift up to turn on then push down to turn off. They have a compact collapsible design f..
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This female adaptor with water stop will quickly connect sprinklers or spray guns to hoses, or hoses to tap connectors. Compatible with most ½” quick fit connectors...
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This adjustable spray nozzle comes with a non slip grip, insulated handle, adapter & has 8 spray functions: flat, full, shower, mist, cone, stream, centre & vertical...
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