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Save money by switching to a CISS based printing system

Quality CISS inks

If your business prints a lot of documents then there is an easy way of saving up to 80% off your printing costs. Change to a CISS Ink System and spend a lot less money on ink, without losing any of the quality you get from your current cartridges. 

Our CISS ink refills are compatible with Epson, HP, Kodak, Canon and Brother CISS Printer setups and offer excellent quality, at an unbeatable price. We only supply CISS inks that offer great ranges of colour and ongoing consistency. CISS will genuinely offer savings of hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on your printing costs.

How CISS Ink Systems work

Traditional printer cartridges are small, contain little ink and often need replacing. If your company prints a lot of documents and images using genuine manufacturer ink cartridges, can cost an absolute fortune. CISS Ink Systems are designed to offer the quality of print you are used to but without the need to purchase expensive inks or spending time changing cartridges. 

A CISS is made up of large, refillable ink tanks that are connected to the printer by silicon tubes. CISS inkjet systems are simple to install, use and refill. Changing the ink couldn’t be simpler as each ink reservoir is in a clear tank, allowing an easy view of when it needs topping up and an uninterrupted way of printing. 

The biggest advantage of our Continuous Ink Systems is the cost of replacing the ink. The CISS ink tanks are refillable from a bottle of ink which can be bought in bulk 100ml or 200ml bottles, ensuring you much lower running costs for your printer. 

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