Recommend A Friend

We've set up a great new way to tell all your family & friends about Snapmad and for every successful recommendation you make, you can earn Snap Savings at the same time!

How does it work?

It's easy - just create an account or log in and click on the image below, then enter your friends name and email address and a personal message, then click send.  

They will receive an invitation email, with a discount voucher code, as well as getting 300 free Snap Savings when they create their account.

Once they have placed their first order, your account will be credited with 300 snap savings points - simple 

Go on, help your family and friends save money - and earn yourself free Snap Savings at the same time!

Refer A Friend Screenshot

This is what the 'refer a friend' web page looks like - click the image to go there (or log-in/register).

To learn more about Snap Savings please Click Here