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7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black

7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black

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7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black
7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black 7dayshop Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal - Converts audio signal to Bluetooth Signal - Black 7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black 7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black 7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black 7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black 7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black 7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black 7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black 7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black 7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black

7dayshop A2DP Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter - Universal 3.5mm jack - Black

  • Compatible and seamless with Bluetooth A2DP headsets and Bluetooth A2DP speakers etc. Up to 10 meters transmitter distance
  • Enable your audio device to transfer stereo audio wirelessly. 3.5mm plug fit for most audio devices.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which keeps working while charging
  • 3.5mm plug fit for most audio devices. Plug and Play, easy and fast to use!
  • Please see full product description for more info.
  • 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.

Availability: Out of stock

Regular Price: £16.11

Special Price £12.39

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The 7dayshop Bluetooth transmitter is a Bluetooth stereo audio transmitter for audio and video devices, like MP4, iPod, PC, etc. Wirelessly listen to stereo music from audio / video devices for up to 10 hours. With a 3.5 mm jack, it's plug & play, no installation required.

Pretty much any device such as TV's with a headphone jack will be able to transmit the audio signal via Bluetooth with this device If you pair this up with our 7dayshop audio receiver then you can have a fully wireless audio system.

Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth V2.1 / V1.2
Battery: 250 mAh Lithium ion
Function range: 10 meters
Frequency response: 2.4 GHz-2.4835 GHz
Receiving sensitivity: -74

Additional Information

Printer Make N/A
Printer Model N/A
Brand 7dayshop
Packaged Weight 86.0000
UPC / EAN / GTIN (12/13) 5055393932129
Item Condition new
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
30 Day 101 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.
Colour Black
Downloads No
Shipping Speed 3-5 days
Shipping Rate Delivery Included
Camera Fit N/A
Wont do as asked the advice given was no good
Handy little unit, use the USB port on TV to keep charged. Reconnect works well. MUCH better than wireless headphones it replaced
This turned out to better than expected. Now connects TV to Bluetooth headphones so no longer have to put up with the loud noise from the kids bedroom!. Instructions not very clear as it missed out the "how to get into pairing mode" instruction but this
No comment left.
No comment left.
I had a little problem trying to get the transmitter to sync with the blue tooth speaker, once I figured it out I was delighted with the setup, now I can move the speaker around and hear my digital radio clearly, very satisfied.
Works as expected. I use to listen to tv on headphones. Sound quality good for such a small unit.
Package received all in order. Product not yet tested.
No comment left.
Great little device. Took a bit of time to sync with receiver but works really well for me.
once I got the unit up and running it does the job
good product, I would recommend them
Great, worked straight out of the box. I wanted to make my Sasa MP3 player to connect to my blurtooth earphones. Just works.
Need to set it up in the right order with receiver (instructions?) but great once it is functioning!
Doesn't connect to computers/tablets . Connects to speakers/headphones. Would have been good to be clear about that.
Just as I ordered.......................
OK, not given it a good go yet. What else can I say to make up 25 words?
Once I worked out I had to hold the power on for 5 seconds not three to pair, the item works as expected. Not for the audiophile, but an excellent way to move audio from distant sources.
the transmitter is very good there is no back ground noise it paired easy the battery is not bad it last over five hours but I use the device for work with my Bluetooth headphones and can not fault it apart for the size of it as it is not as big as the photo of.but it is worth the money.
very easy to set up at a very good price
Tx dongle have worked efficiently and was straightforward to set up. good value.
I could not believe how something so small [less than matchbox size] could perform so well. Reception on my wireless, Bluetooth headphones is perfect throughout the house.
The transmitter works fine but it took me a little time to figure out how to pair it with my Sony bluetooth headphones. Am happy with it now.
No comment left.
No comment left.
No comment left.
This is the 4th one of these that I have purchased - allowing me to use/charge for continuous use. Excellent product. Value for money Bluetooth transmitter does the job.
No comment left.
No comment left.
Technically good, fairly priced
I have a 7dayshop receiver that will not pair with the 7 day shop transmitter - I am baffled how to fix this issue
No comment left.
No comment left.
Ordered, received and it works like it should! What more do you want?
Good product at good price and works well.
Poor instructions. Very nearly returned the item, but by luck made it work. The single control needs to be held down for about 5 or 6 seconds, to start its scanning.
No comment left.
As pair. Works well, inexpensive, changed listening experiences
Build quality looks fine but I've not tested it electrically yet
Brilliant device it's the future now.
servizio buono, comunicare quando viene soedito
good if I could get them to pair up
Excellent item! Easy to set-up, reliable and very good build quality. Impressive sound quality. Used with a "7dayshop Wireless Audio Bluetooth Receiver and USB Charger for Home Hi-Fi 3.5mm AUX Input (ID: WH2-7DAYBLUEPLUG)" to transmit the signal from a hi-fi separates system in the lounge and amplify it through a Bose docking station in the kitchen about 7 metres away. Would recommend this item.
Not figured this one yet. instructions could be better.
Good quality
Does what it says works gell for the price with good sound quality. The instructions didn't quite relate to how to operate the product but figured it out
Better instructions on setup required.
I use the product to listen wirelessly to music and find the product, generally, fulfills this purpose.
Use this to turn my non bluetooth MP3 player into a Bluetooth one. Works flawlessly with all devices that I've got
I was looking for something to provide a permanent connection to a Bluetooth speaker. I have plugged the device into a mains charger so it always has power but it switches itself off when I switch the Bluetooth speaker off and so needs to be re-paired each time. Performance seems to be OK but not perfect over a 5m range - but for the price, it does a reasonable job.
I bought the product to be able to use an old but good quality HiFi system with some new blue-tooth headphones. All that was required was to charge up the device via the USB connection and put the jack into the headphone socket of the HiFi. It took a few attempts to pair the headphones and the device but once it connected the performance was fine. In general the device is ideal for folks wishing to still make use of electronic devices which have a headphone socket with a Bluetooth headphone set.
its a transmitter , easy to use , seems ok not give it a good test yet
Does exactly what it says on the box. Make note that this is Bluetooth 2 not the latest version 4. They may not matter and certainly when attached to an old ipod its absolutely fine.
Great product.
Time will tell
this it the third one i bought they are that good i get them for the rest of my family
Just received the transmitter, charged it,paired it to my 7dayshop earphones, plugged it into my Ipod and spent the afternoon listening without any problem at all. Very impressed
Used when walking because my music player has no blutooth.
This is a brilliant product. Just plug into any output jack, pair with headphones, and receive speech,music on the move. It seems to have quite a good range, all around the house and outside patio area. would recommend.
Using this on my TV to watch movies and not disturb the neighbors family etc. They work brilliant and I would recommend these to all.
I will use this product in my caravan to play the tv sound through my radio speakers, I have already tried it and it works very well, overall very satisfied and have also told some friends about it. The quality is excellent.
Using output from sky box for headphones
Works very well.
I have 2 of these useful little items - they work well with just about anything - and let's you transmit bluetooth audio from old equipment such as record/cassette and minidisc players - works with bluetooth speakers and headphones. sound quality is great too
I bought this item so I could use my elderly stereo with my bluetooth speakers. It works brilliantly and only wish I had bought one years ago! Very simple to use and does the job, would highly recommend this product.
A little fiddly to use but it seems to be working fine with my hearing aid streamer. It's a lot cheaper than buying the branded TV streamer.
Easy to set up and use, but in my first test it appeared to be lacking the bass notes.
Good product. Instructions not clear. Had to ask for help from 7daysh.com. Be nice if they got them revised. Apart from that, nice little product. Use it with my TV and bluetooth headphones.
I am impressed with this product. I now have 3 of them!. Recommended to all my friends.
This transmitter is great-nice and compact, I use it on my sony Walkman to send music to my 7dayshop Bluetooth speaker or my soundbase. Its ideal for people who still use mp3 players and don't have all their music on their phones with their inbuilt Bluetooth facility. For the money its a great little device.
It is so small therefore very portable and I have been using it on all my Bluetooth devices (TV, laptop,android tablet and telephone.)It is easy to set up, a joy to use.
Altho small works well with the headphones,info a bit scant but commonsense easy to set up.
Work exactly as described. The only problem is getting a charger that works with it?s connection. Can charge through USB but other apparent option is a DC of 5v but all the "multiple voltage" plugs that I have with multiple ends do not fit this device.
Great product,works well with my ear phones or my soundbar and very simple to set up and use with super sound quality.With this device I can even listen to my MP3 from outside the house.
Very straight forward to set up and works well.
My familly and friends , could pair it too any bluetooth headset and listen too music etc.
Good product good price
Use this with IPod Classic to play through Bluetooth headphones and Bose Soundlink. Great little product - works a treat.
Easy to use once you work out that you have to press and hold the power switch to get flashing red and blue lights to allow it to pair. The product can only be used over distances of approximately 5m.
very fiddly to pair with my headphones until I got my friends Ipad air PC to recognize it then it paired right away and works fine with good quality sound.
Great to transform a non bluetooth item into a bluetooth enabled device!
. Already mentioned above. Useful and unexpectantly good sound from such small units. Just a bit fiddly in making connection with device. The grip around the head and onto ears could be made firmer as the headphones do slip down very quickly and too easily. use with my iPhone and iPad, also works with TV for wireless viewing.
Small in size quite good signal range very happy with it
To send iPod music to Bluetooth speaker out of doors.
Bought for a friend so he can listen to CD's from his old CD player to his bose speaker in anotherroom
works well
I was surprised how small this transmitter is. Easy to use and pair with suitable receivers. Good clear sound. A good quality piece of kit.
Good device. Simple to use.
Listen to TV, ok quality, better setup instruction.
Great device, does what it says on the tin!!
A very neat unit, turn anything that has an audio earphone output
Great product that does what it says on the box. Very easy to use and compact enough that can be hidden away if I choose
excellent service
Used on tv for Bluetooth headphones
Used to link audio with matching receiver from DVD Player to Soundbar. Useful for anyone who needs a remote audio connection without trailing wires. Well made product, does what it purports to do very well. The audio processing delay is minimal.
Good enough to recommend to a friend who has also purchased one.
Turns out I haven't needed to use this after all as my laptop has bluetooth. Though I can see that it could be simple and brilliant at the price.
A very useful little gadget with great battery life and works a treat.
Use this on a Sony TV. After a while of finding out how to pair the transmitter (Should read the intrusions) it works great. It needs to be paired every time I use it but this only takes about 4secs so no problem. It?s small and light so doesn?t feel much but works very well.
changed my whole concept of playing music
I use the transmitter forfor my headset to watch TV and I find it excellent. I would recommend it.
Seems a good, useful product.
Works as advertised
The transmitter works effectively.
Really small & light. Dead simple to pair. Very decent range. Works a treat for me.
Magic. Plugs in earphone socket. easy to use. No leads when I am working or do not wish to disturb others.
used to pair with speakers.easy to do
I use this with television as I am partially deaf to enable me to use headphones
Use this for listening to TV in bedroom. Excellent sound quality, would highly recommend.
It does what it is supposed to, well.
I use it on my metal detector with bluetooth headphones.
Several uses. This also applies to the corresponding item in the next box. 1. Enables me to ensure I do not miss tv programme when I go into kitchen for refreshment break. This item transmits tv audio output, while the item below is connected to the bluetooth receiver audio mp3 input jack on my kitchen radio. Simples!
Occasional use with pc works well and easily paired with headset.
Just the job for TV when used with 7day shop head phones
used for connecting the bluetooth headset in my motorcycle helmet to a sat nav.
Used to relay TV audio to earphones in campervan. Product works well - easy to use, compact and good quality sound. The small delay between the visual and audio is not too off-putting.
listening to tv in bedroom
I use this device plugged in to the TV as my hearing is not as acute as my wife's so the volume can be quite low and I listen on my wireless headphones previously bought from 7-day shop. Brilliant, especially watching the Formula 1 racing !! A m,marvellous piece of kit.
Does what it says on the tin. Small, convenient and effective
this was purchaced to hook up to my tv to go along with the bluetooth head phones easy to pair both devices tip leave the usb connected to the tv this keeps the unit charged great gadget for the price
TV audio connection to local speaker. Recommended to friends and family. Very good value for money.
I use it to convert my metal detector to wireless and with the receiver or bluetooth headphones works a treat.
Easy to use
I used it along with headphones in Spain so I could watch telly without disturbing anyone
Small, neat, excellent quality, charges quickly and lasts a long time before needing charging again.
Works perfectly with my Bose Bluetooth headphones. Can also be charged through an iPhone/iPad charger and cheaper than other makes.
Would like to be able to keep it charged while in use
I use it to 'power' the Avantree Pacifica Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker with Microphone (ID: BTSP-200-BLK) linked to a variety of electronic equipment: TV, radio, iPod, music centre. Good value for money.
I bought this to bluetooth my tv to a wireless speaker andn it does the job adequately.
use mainly for headphones for TV in bedroom. highly recommend this kit
The blue tooth sender is very good and I am sending for the sender and receiver one
Works we'll.
Great product. Range is considerably worse than description of 10m.
For use with the 7DS Bluetooth headphones. Worked OK when we worked out that the headphones must be turned on first. Handy little unit that plugs into the TV earphone socket. Connected to the TV USB port it keeps it charged.
There is a bit of a delay in transmission meaning I could not use this on my guitar with the 7dayshop headpones purchased at the same time. Button a bit fiddly to bind, but does what it says and has reasonable lifetime.
Easy to use and setup
Smaller than a matchbox and is really easy to pair. Cheaper to buy this than a new iPod classic. Works ally well and I would recommend.
Good product, small and portable
Very small and compact. Easy to set up. Working range a bit limited - max 5 M and doesn't like walls, doors or corners - ideally needs clear line of sight to the receiver.
Excellent product, worked first time with my 7 Day headphones. V.Good range.
Great little gadget for opening up a whole new world of sound.
easy setup used on tv, laptop, ipod. will recommend this product to my friends
Use it for Tv doesn't always pair automatically
I use it to transmit the TV audio to my Bluetooth headphones, in the bedroom, so as not to disturb anyone else while I watch TV.
Does exactly what it is supposed to do, and is light in weight and compact.
Yet to use this but based on the BT receiver, I am sure this too will be a great product.
would recommend this product to friends & family
works well east to pair with reciever
am using this product and bluetooth headphones on my treadmill. they work great together.
Compact and seems to do the job.
it does what it says on the box!
very pleased
Works well with my iPod Classic. Saves me having to go to the dock to change tracks. Good battery life.
Your instruction leaflet for this and the headphones was very poor
Simple to use and small enough not to get in the way. Does the job perfectly.
I use this device with bluetooth headphones and bluetooth speakers. No messing about with wires and so tiny you don`t know its there. At this price and so tiny I cannot see how manufacturers of MP3 players charge so much for including bluetooth in their devices (not that many do)I attach his device to my MP3 player with an elastic band and you hardly know its there. All in all a brilliant device. Mike
I used with my headphones to hear the TV in my hotel room without disturbing my wife.
Although it is smaller than I thought, but it is an excellent transmitter and I can hear my TV very well.
Some delay on audio but works fine
This item works well.
I use this to transmit audio from the tv in my touring caravan to the fitted audio system which has ceiling speakers. The sound quality is superb although slightly out of sync by milliseconds and only noticeable if trying to lip read. I bought this together with BTR006 bluetooth receiver and they pair very easily
So far so good. I use this product with the TV set and my Bluetooth headset in the spare bedroom when watching something after she who must be obeyed (well most times!)has gone to her scratcher. No problems so far. Will take it on caravan holiday and try it there. Thks 7dayshop.com
I bought this item to experiment with and pair with the matching receiver I already own. Will use the device to stream Spotify from my laptop to my Hi Fi setup.

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