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7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card

7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card

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7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card
7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card 7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card

7dayshop Desktop and Portable High Res 35mm Film & Slide Scanner. Colour LCD Screen with 8GB SDHC Card

  • HOT PRODUCT. Our superb price now includes an 8GB SD Memory Card as well as a full USB power / cable and film tray kit to get you started scanning fast!
  • VERY easy and quick to use!!! Superb unit: connect to your PC or laptop (or Mac) and use as a stand-alone unit, great for visiting friends and taking with you pretty much anywhere!
  • Scans all 35mm brands of negative (colour print) films in strips of 4 or 6's (even single frames too!) and also mounted or un-mounted 35mm slides / transparency / positive film.
  • Produces JPEG format images/files. Image Sensor: 5MP (10MP Interpolated). Image Size: 1824 x 2736 - PLEASE see full product description below!
  • Please see full product description for more info.
  • 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.

Availability: Out of stock

Regular Price: £64.34

Special Price £49.49

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Our superb price now includes an 8GB SD (SDHC) memory card. A stand-alone portable scanner with built in colour screen. Digitise, share and store your precious 35mm negatives or slides before they get damaged. Can also be used as an SD card reader. Fast, detailed scanning, easy to set up and use.

Backup those old slides and negatives for safety - humidity and age can wear down even the best saved film. Digitise your old film stock now so you do not lose any precious old photos!

Teachers and librarians can take old slides and turn them into JPEG files to use on computers and carry around more easily.

Help your parents or grandparents share the old family photos with the younger generation.

IMPORTANT BUYERS NOTE: Due to Customer demand we now stock the negative and slide trays as a separate stock item SKU CODE: DS-049 - See our Product Links!
The DS-049 set contains a tray for up to six 35mmm negative/slide film (un-cut strips) and also a tray for mounted four 35mm slides.
If you have lots of films/negatives/slides to scan then preparing the next tray whilst scanning the first tray will save you a significant amount of time as you can prepare the next set to be scanned - nice!

ANOTHER TIP: Please be extra careful when handling slide film and negative film as they can be easily damaged and marked. Please look at our product links for cotton gloves to handle your films. These allow a soft and grease free touch and can help with final cleaning and dust removal prior to scanning. They are lint free and ideal for reducing unwanted dust marks on your final images. May save you a lot of time
Also we have listed dust-blowers and brushes for dust removal from your films/negatives/slides, dust can be annoying when scanning so a few moments pre-cleaning your processed films will save time in removing dust marks post scanning..
We also stock Kenro negative and slide pages for the safe storage of your old film stock, take this opportunity to file away your films once they have been scanned.

Picture Scan:
- Image Format: JPEG
- Image Sensor: 5MP (10MP Interpolated)
- Image Size: 1824 x 2736

Buttons / IO:
- Flip/Mirror Left/Right
- Power ON/OFF
- Menu
- Scan/OK
- SD / SDHC Card Slot (supports up to 16 GB SDHC)
- Film Tray Feed
- USB/Power IN

Picture Adjustment:
- Flip
- Rotate +/- 90
- Mirror
- Auto Colour Balance
- Exposure -2 to +2

Power Supply: 5V via USB or Power Adapter (100-240V)
Color: Black
Dimensions: 87 x 86 x 102 mm (L x W x H)
Approved: CE / FCC

What's in the Box?
1 x Video Out Cable for TV Connection/Display (Yellow RCA Type plug)
1 x Film Brush for Helping to Clean Films prior to scanning
1 x 35mm Film Tray (for 35mm slide and negative films in strips or single frame)
1 x Positive Slide Tray - Used for 35mm mounted slides
1 x USB PC/Laptop Connection Cable
1 x Mains to USB Power Adapter (100-240V for Worldwide Use ) with UK 3Pin Plug Fitted
1 x USB Lead 1M Length - connects to the supplied mains adapter or power the unit from your laptop or PC
1 x User Manual in English
1 x 8GB SDHC Card (Brand May Vary)

Additional Information

Printer Make No
Printer Model No
Brand 7dayshop
Packaged Weight 590.0000
UPC / EAN / GTIN (12/13) 5055393922670
Item Condition new
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
30 Day 101 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.
Colour No

Shipping Speed 1-2 days
Shipping Rate Delivery From £2.99
Camera Fit No
Our customer rated the product 5 stars
The 7DAYSHOP Film scanner 7DAYWT501 has produced excellent results for me.Easy to use,and easy to transfer slides etc. to your computer.
No comment left.
It works as described but the image quality is poor certainly not good enough to print. Having said that the slides are quite old but I did scan them with a previous printer and they were OK. Will try again with another batch!
I read a lot of the reviews and was very encouraged especially as the item was relatively cheap. However, when I tried it the quality of the picture was very poor even on the 10 megabit setting. To be fair what I am wanting to do is to convert my slides to digital so they can be used on large screen for public presentations (albeit amateur) and these just didn't give the quality. It might be alright for producing 6x4 photos but even on my computer screen (macBook Pro) it was very pixelated. I guess you get what you pay for. I am now looking for a more sophisticated piece of equipment to produce the quality I need but it will be more expensive and probably take a lot longer to convert than with this item. A real shame.
No comment left.
No comment left.
the scanner will do the task very well that it was bought for, my only problem was that it was difficult to know if the slides were put in the right side up although this was probably due to the fact that I had not viewed slides for many years
So easy to use. Delighted with it
A great product but could have done with a "getting started" section in the instruction leaflet. An unformatted card caused confusion but once this was done the item proved easy to use and an absolute gem.
Simple to use! Even my 78 technophobe father could understand how to use it within a few slides.
Found it worked ok scanning to sd card but the internal memory does not function and a message says internal memory is full. I have tried to connect via usb and that does not work either, I intend to return the item and hope I get the same service from 7day shop that I had when I ordered it. Watch this space
I was very impressed with this scanner. It's well built and produces good results. Operation is simple & the controls intuitive.
Item is for a Christmas present.
Just what I wanted at a fair price
Haven't used to much so far, but pleased with the ease of use. The quality of the resultant scan was not brilliant but good enough. That may get better as I learn how to tweak it and use it properly.
Seems to work well so far. Easy to use. Slide tray a little fiddly
Good for editing material. IN film scanners you do get what you pay for - so do not expect too much.
Used to scan personal slides, easy to set up and use results so far good depending on condition of slides. Would recommend it for home users. I already have a slide scanner but it takes forever to download and have to use a computer this one takes away need for this and is much much quicker
East set up, easy to use. Could do with a few more adjustable image settings other than just exposure. Definitely need more trays of you are scanning lots.
Very flimsy construction, built to a price. I'm afraid overall a bit cheap and nasty. Nevertheless it does the job and is ideal for someone on a tight budget.
used to convert colour slides to digital format. Very pleased with the quality of the conversion and the Scanner.
The product is excellent and I have seen it on another web site at a much higher cost
Not the finest quality but for slides 50 years old it's perfect, just keep cleaning the lense!
Excellent product. Having the built in screen enables you to view, flip slides/negatives before saving to supplied SD memory card without connecting a computer
Excellent value for money. The slider was a bit stiff to start with but improved with use. A great way to see all those old slides.
Very pleased. the operation could not be simpler..the method of saving the images to the hard drive is a little strange, but once you work that out the operation is both fast and smooth.
The machine scans slides on to an internal memory (limited) or onto a memory card, which is supplied. My only problem is that the slide holder appears to take slides which are one or two millimeters smaller than the ones I have. This makes it difficult to open and close the slide holder. The scans themselves are good and some minor editing can be done by the machine, although more detailed editing is best done on computer.
good easy to use
The product is ideal for what I needed to do but I think that the cradles for the negatives could be a bit more substantial especially if it is going to be used a lot. On the whole, though, it is nice and compact and will be able to be stored away safely when it is finished with.
Using to convert negatives into digital images - a slow and laborious task when dealing with so many photographs spanning twenty years but well worth spending the time to have a permanent digital record that can be shared very easily with family and friends. I've Converted 42 rolls of 35mm film (approx. 1500 photos) so far and the whole file is just over 1Gb in size - another 150 rolls to go that will easily be stored on a 8Gb flash drive - Very easy to use and I would highly recommend this little gadget...
does the job
Purchased the scanner to digitise our entire slide collection. It was very easy to use and gave excellent results.
Very easy to use and gives quite reasonable reproduction of slides. Faces can look a bit flat but my family have been delighted to see old family photos they have not seen before as the slides have just been languishing in the attic. Good value for the price.
Really straightforward to use and decent quality results
quality is ressonable... used for digitising slides.. would recomend to friends..
Only gripe Slides could be made easier to open
Plan to put my hundreds of 35mm slides into digital format. Haven't done many yet but am pleased with the result in those I have done.
This is not a scanner as normally perceived but a very clever camera set up which actually takes a picture of the slide thus giving you a quick result that can be edited if need be in any photo editor
Used at home . Quality very good. Would recommend to anyone
I use this product to archive my old slides . This product stands alone and doies not need drivers in a computer. Once the slides are loaded into and card. They can be copied via a fast reader onto a hard drive. This is a quick way of filing slides
Great piece of kit. Have saved pounds converting my old and unseen slides. Great quality too. Would recommend to anyone who is considering paying to have them done. DON'T! Buy this instead.
Very good for the price, I also have a Microtek scanner, the 7DAYWT501 is far quicker and easier to use, for old film/slides it yields good results, especially if the print/ image size is below A4 size. The results are much better if a program such as *** is available for enhancements. The slide and negative holders are well made and strong. Excellent since it does not need a computer when scanning and is not affected by computer updates.
I an using the product to transfer my old slides as we have downsized our home. It is simple to use and the results so far have been very good.
Have not used as yet so will give a review then.
perfect for the task required.
Using it to scan my 35mm slides. It is fast but thought the quality of scan might have been better. As a quick easy to use scanner it does the job reasonably well.
Unfortunately I haven't got round to actually using it yet. It was purchased with a view to some time in the future. however I am confident it will be fine.
Excellent product, had it set-up and running within minutes of postman delivering. Only one niggle, opening the slide to insert a negative is very hard on my aged fingernails. Best buy for many a long year.
Use for occasional digitising of old slides. Quick to use and quality as good as a flatbed scanner with slide/film facility.
Good enough but read reviews carefully to avoid disappointment.
Good value and does the job. Instructions not the best,but once mastered the scanner is quick and easy to use. I would recommend it to any of my friends.
I haven't used it yet, but hopefully I can scan my best slides and colour negatives, so that I can do prints!
Apparently others like this item whilst I found it difficult to configure (obviously a lack of brain power on my behalf!).
Did the job.
First Class
Being one handed, the iItem was not used as was unable to use slide trays
I am in the middle of moving house so I have not had too much time to spend with the scanner. My first impression is that it produces reasonable scans for the price. Ideal suited for people like myself who only want to record snapshots and family photos into a digital format. I have only scanned onto memory card up to now so I don't know how good direct scanning to a pc is.
Recommend to anyone - very good scanner, minor struggle with dark slides, otherwise excellent.
Excellent product. Simple to use. Good value
Good for the money but a bit too contrasty
easy to use have been using it for my slides at the minute but will be moving to negs shortly. it has a fast scan on it
Fast and efficient way to transfer my old slides to my computer.
Quick easy to use, does all that it says. Not used it a lot yet, but looks promising. Should be a good way to "digitize" old slides/negatives easily.
Seems to work well. Slide and negative holders a bit fiddly and not all that easy to load. Instructions could be better, but the scanner is pretty intuitive to use.
The scanner produces results good enough for postcard size prints but not much more. However it scans very quickly as compared to its more sophisticated (and expensive)rivals. It also works stand alone. I have thousands of old negatives. The scanner is ideal for scanning these and identifying those negatives for re-scanning at higher resolution. The SD card that came with the scanner also was unformatted and the scanner would not format it in spite of several attempts. But after formatting the card on my pc, all worked well.
Looks quite simple to use, not had a chance to use it fully yet
Excellent device but instructions were poor. However, 7th shop included cut down version of instructions written by a real English speaker.
Excellent for the price. Very quick to use. Has given me access to my old negatives and slides. Given the choice I would pay extra for better definition
Convenient and quick way to catalogue and store photos. Quality adequate for run of the mill photos.
I have slides from our honeymoon 48 years ago which I have been transferring, and although the colour is not quite as good now they have come out well. Easy once I got my brain into the right gear!
It does the job. Fortunately it's fairly simple to operate because the pigeon-English in the instruction manual leaves a lot to be desired (but is quite entertaining!) so it's only 3 stars.
Found on some light coloured slides (high key) that they get a bit over exposed the ev is handy though but could do with a minus 3. In general very good but can be a bit contrasty which can be adjusted in photoshop. It scans very fast though!
I have used this primarily for slides but have also tried a few negatives. I am very pleased with the results. As usual 7Dayshop have come up with a great product at a really great price.
Only sorry I didn't buy this earlier. I did not realise it copied negatives as well as slides and I had a great time with a box of old family negatives!
I am in the process of scanning all my old negatives from many years of photography, so I can use them in presentations, I am also starting up a local history group in my village, and will be using this scanner, to help other is the village find out what is on negatives they may have.
It's not the Rolls-Royce of kit but for the price, it does what it says it will do. Anyone with a bag full of ancient negatives will derive pleasure from viewing the pictures again. Guaranteed.
I use it for scanning old 35mm negs. into my computer. Quality product. I would recommend to my friends.
Although I haven't yet used it I have looked at it and read the instructions and am delighted to have it.
used to scan over 700 slides. was very good value
I have over 70 35mm film negatives which I am in the process of transferring to my PC. The unit is simple to use, the SD card is then easy to up load to the PC. When I have finished loading editing etc I will load them onto a DVD.
I have not yet used the item therefore cannot comment
I use it to archive my slides and would recommend
Fairly quick and easy to use, working my way through old negatives
The quality is good for the price & very easy to use. Nice to be able to record on a flash card. It is a must have for anyone with old 35mm negatives & slides.
A good product for the price paid.
As supplied it does not give outstanding quality scans. Default scans are very contrasty and show heavy outlines similar to over sharpening. However, scanning at 10M and applying levels adjustment in a photo editing programme gives a significant improvement. Results are then satisfactory for contact sheets and reference purposes. Not suitable for high quality printing but you wouldn't expect that at the price. Good value for money and seems well made.
For the price an adequate piece of kit - it is scanning my 50 year old slides - the fine tuning can be done on the computer . Only problem is translating the Chinese-English vocabulary provided in the instructions .
This product is easy to use and gives a reasonable out put. It is fast and reliable.
Not had time to use this yet but I hope it will do the job,I went on what other s had said about it
Product and results seem OK. The slide holder is fiddley to get open and I may file the clip off.
To scan all my negatives to Sd card to print out some really old photo's. My brothers and some friends. Very good and easy to use.
The results are better than the most supportive reviews I have read and I am critical about colour, sharpness and nearness to the original. Sometimes a little tweek with the colour will improve the results but generally not required. The instructions are poor but it's so simple to use and there is a quick user guide provided so you could be using it minutes after unpacking especially as everything needed is included even a SDHC card. Excellent value.
Excellent product , recommended to all friends
The initial item failed soon after it was received but no problems SO FAR with the replacement. Given the price and speed of operation, I find the quality of output very acceptable for copying the majority of my old slides.
very good product at a reasonable price. easy to use if you have a lot of slides or negatives that need digitising
Only used it once so far to check that it works. As with any scanner it is essential to clean the slide/film thoroughtl
easy to use
This was a good product at a good price and I would recommend it to others
I have already used the product to copy thousands of my old colour slides onto my computer via the SD card provided. An excellent product and I would certainly recommend it for the purpose it was designed for.
easy to set up and use. Results are fine.
Does the job as long as a high quality scan is not required
Really easy and quick to use and enough quality to see results on digital or television screens. To print a large decent picture you'd be better sending them off to a professional. Or buying a very pricy dedicated slide scanner. I am very happy with this scanner, its great getting my last forty years of slides on to a digital format.
The product did exactly what was stated. It is easy to set up and is great to have choice of putting pictures either straight on to computer or on to SD card. Good to have the option of viewing through TV. For anyone with lots of slides or negatives that are gathering dust and deteriorating this is a must.
It does what it says on the box.
Looking forward to using these products. Read reviews which are generally good. Hope to scan my vast collection of slides. Should do the job.
It does what it says but I do not think you can scan non-35mm negatives.
Would have given 5 stars but for the unintelligible instructions. Once I worked out how it worked, pleased with the results.
This little device has enabled me to scan and digitise hundreds of slides of my family growing up. It cannot improve a bad slide, but with the use of photoshop I am getting great results and reliving so many happy memories. Would recommend this.
Slight problem in that there is apparently no way to change the date of the scan. It is fixed at 1/1/2012, which is meaningless.
Good price for quality it produces. Better than I had hoped.
I have only used it once so far but I was very pleased.
Agood quality product which I use for scanning macro slides of insects etc and I would give it 4 out of 5
So Far so good! Already scanned in over 400 slides. Very easy to set up and use. Its very helpful that you don't need to hook it up to a PC to use. Also, the screen is a great help in checking the position and results of scans. OK, so the quality of the scans is not hi-res, but if you want that, then you need to pay a lot more money! Good enough for posting scanned images to social media sites and photo storage sites for others to see. A simple photo editor (I use PhotoScape) is advisable to adjust the colour etc. from the scanned old slides. I would definitely recommend this product.
Copying old slides. Seems to work ok.
Good value although image quality leaves a little to be desired. But at this price who is worried.
a versatile product to be used as a standalone scanner or conneccted to a PC.
I am using the scanner to convert some 800 negative taken in aden during the late 60's These Hopefully will eventually reside in the Squadron archives. It will be a lot of work but worth it in the longrun.
I had a large number of slides and negatives stored in boxes and rarely looked at. I am in the process of editing and storing them on my computer before disposing the bulk of space consuming slides and negatives. This product seems to be doing an excellent job for me and is simple to use. The instruction booklet could be updated in the English language but is adequate.
I bought it to scan some of my Dad's old family slides. Very happy with the results. Device was easy to set up & quick to use. Managed to scan 114 slides in the first hour.
Not all that easy for someone who is not particularly adept at uesing susch devices.
Good value for money, as the scanning is very quick: that is, if you have the patience to fiddle with the negative holder! It is OK once you accept that it is difficult to work. However, you do need a programme like Adobe Photoshop Elements or Picassa to correct colour casts and carry out colour corrections. The resolution is not to professional quality, as you might expect for 40+ quid.
A good cheap scanner let down by a poorly translated user manual and the slide holder is only designed for panoramic views, if you insert portrait views the top and bottom is cropped. It would have been easy to have produced an holder with cruciform style apertures to suit either views. Scanned views look okay reproduced on a laptop but as for a 42" TV the juries out on that.
I have given my comments in one of these boxes and would like to go home
Good value and as described.
Good range of features and included items are "useful" - not having to spend extra for memory cards etc. Can't comment on the reader/images directly, as the reader was bought as a present! Sorry!!
Good, prompt service and competitive prices. Highly recommended.
Have not had time to use it yet
I managed quite well to process all my negatives and slides quite easily
This a great little piece of kit once you've mastered toggling between the menu button and the scan/ok button. Initially I was sceptical but it does what it says exactly.
Excellent value for money with easy to follow instructions. Great for transferring old slides onto computer for ease of viewing/ storage etc.
not used yet.
Service was excellent, not had time to unpack it yet!
I've only had a few trial runs so far as I need to allocate some time to scan all my negatives and slides. So far, so good - easy to use, good results and far faster than I expected
Bought as a Christmas gift so not used yet.
Simple, quick, what more do you want?
Product simple to use. Digitalises negatives very well. Got through about 8000 negatives and slides in just over a week.Well worth the money spent and now have photos of 40 years ago some of which I had never seen. Definitely recommend this for all the old negatives.
I am copying my old slides to digital It works very well
We use it for scanning old family slides (which take up a lot of room and are difficult to view. Scans are only as good as the original slide of course, but it is easy to use.
Have not yet used product but looks quite easy to use
Very good as you can use it while relaxing not sitting up by the PC.
I have used this product and am very pleased with the results.The product is certainly very well produced and I as an older user (over 70!) found it easy to use.Would definitely recommend it.
Superb little product.Easy to use andgood results even on very old negatives.Am delighted with it.
Good results at transferring old slides
compact in size, easy to use, pictures transferred to pc and printed in no time
The scanner itself is simple and does a reasonably good job. When connected to a Vista operating system it worked with no problem at all but could not get it to work at all on an XP system. Of course you don't need to use a computer but the scanners own screen is too small to make any necessary adjustments properly. Overall though we are very satisfied at the price with the results we have so far. Having at least 2 slide/negative trays (and a helping hand!) is a must though as it is a long and laborious job constantly loading and unloading.
I am busy transferring loads of my parents 1950's/1960's slides to the SD card and then printing them off on my Picturemate 100. Delighted with the product.
Product was bought as a present.
I bought this product to download and store my slide collection. Simple and easy to use, well worth the money.
very satisfied
My mother inherited an Uncles slide collection last year and rather than purchase a projector, decided to try this as we could transfer the slides to memory card, laptop and/or disc. It's easy to use, light-weight and quick. Very pleased with this purchase.
Have not used it yet but will be using it to scan a series of "old" slides and negatives to make a "retrospective" presentation.
Very straightforward to set up and use. The only reservations are that the slide carrier can be a little trick to open, but obviously it is important it holds the slides in the right place, and it could do with a little indicator on the slide carrier of which was round to put the slides.Otherwise excellent. You can review the slides you have scanned easily and they go straight on to the supplied SDHC card as jpegs so no problem there.
Transferring negatives to photos
This is a great product that is easy to use. Shame it cant be directly linked to computer to do it all in one go without having to remove memory card then uploading to your computer.
Unit is good for the money and easey to use. Not a substitute for 'serious' film scanners.
Copying many, many slides to digital has now been made very easy and quick with this product. I was using a full desktop scanner previous to this which was very time consuming. Now with this stand-alone unit I am able to scan 4 slides in less than 10 seconds as opposed to taking about 5-10 minutes. Also the fact that you can save the copies straight to the SD card as opposed to having to sit at the computer and scanner. I have over 2500 slides to copy and this will speed up this process considerably to allow me to share the photos with all my family and friends. Thank you.
Great little scanner, easy to use and excellent results.
I would definitely recommend 7dayshop.
Need to scan many hundreds of slides for posterity so bought a more expensive Epson scanner, but it was to fiddly and flimsy so sent it back and replaced with this product. Quality of finished scan not quite as good as from Epson, but quite adequate. It's so quick and easy to operate I completed more than 200 slides within a few hours.
Easy to use with satisfactory results.
As a photographer by trade I have a lot of B&W and colour slides and negs to scan.This product is a lot quicker and faster to use than the computer.
Easy to use but not great quality, overexposed
Use for quick scan for film negatives for filing and identificagtion. Would reccomend use of a better quality scanner if prints required.
Use product for its intended use. Real value for money. Easy to use and of good quality
instructions a little difficult to follow
Great product and delivery, would recommend and use again
Handy little gadget that makes scanning slides and negatives easy. Not the last word in image quality despite the large file sizes.
Product does the job.
Not able to say much right now as I have not yet used it properly to evaluate.
Product quality good but care needed when opening film and slide holders. . Instruction booklet is next to useless but scanner operation intuitive and results impressive.
i found that it was easy to use and excellent value for money as can now store all my family negatives on my computer some of which i have not seen for years thereby saving me an awful lot of money to print them. I would reccommend this product to everyone.
Apart from the instruction booklet this is a good product at a competitive price.
I have a mountain of negatives. This is just the job for sitting anywhere to do what could be a tedious job. Watch TV while you copy the negatives. Works quickly and quality is very good.
Not yet received this scanner so cannot comment.
Just what I wanted you wold improve the product if you provided two of each trays one to use and one preparing for the next set of slides. Can I purchase another slide negative holder?
looks the part, but not used yet
Badly written (translated) instruction book.
I use this to scan my large collection of transparencies to digital
Scanner used to transfer many old slides and negatives to disc. All came out perfect. I was able to give all my family a copy of when they were children.
Assistance for your review:. ? How do you use the product?. ? To whom would you recommend the product?. ? What do you think of the quality of the product?. For scanning old photographic negatives/slides. Fellow photographers. Very good quality for the price.
Already given a review . It works very well .
As a stand alone product, it is really worth the price paid for it.
I have many old slides some dating back 50 years, they are deteriorating and I wanted them stored on my computer for safe keeping, I had tried projecting them and the photographing them but the result was poor. With the slide scanner the results are crisp and clear.
use full bit of kit works very well
Excellent quality.
works well, very quick, good results
Very good value for money.
I am having trouble with the white balance. My 35mm film is cut into 4 photos per strip, and putting in a second strip does not give me the same white balance as previous. Moving the negative can help to shock the white balance back from the blue shade.
item good but "handbook" not very useful
Very good seller
Excellent value and a good product
Used for 35mm and transparencies. Great for recapturing past images. Need to read and understand instruction book carefully. Scanner is great overall.
Lots of my dads transparencies to look at., great not having to use computer ! Value for money
I would recommend this product to anyone. It is very reasonably priced, and from personal experience, does everything it's supposed to in very high quality.
For the money this is a very useful little scanner.
Just what I wanted, good value
Excellent product as are all items supplied by 7daysgop.
This arrived just before Easter and since then I have scanned nearly 2000 slides, saving them in folders and backing them up on my computer as well as on the SD card that came with it. Have not yet tried film but if it is as good and as quick as the slides I shall be quite happy.
This is an excellent product that works very well. It is well made, produces excellent copies, and represents great value for money
Not sure this is as much as a true scanner as it seems more like just taking a photo of the negative or slide, however the results are good.
A good quality item from a well known manufacturer of these items. Used in my TomTom SatNav with complete success.
Not use the product "in earnest" yet so can't really comment. Ensured it works.
easy to use
excellent results from a good product certainly up to 7dayshop's usual high standard
First class product
Good value for money.
This piece of equipment is great used it to scan very old negatives and they came out 100 per cent I would recommend it.
The slide scanner does exactly as was stated in the description. The only downside so far is that high contrast slides do not always scan well but this may because of the settings I'm using. I've still to try out the negative scanning feature so don't know if I'll encounter high contrast problems with this.
once i had worked out ho to use the scanner I had it working perfectly
on opening the box I have to say it looked very basic but oh boy it turned out to be far from it> It turned 30 year old neg film into a top quality digital picture even 20 year old slides were turned into quality pictures.
Easy to use.

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