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7dayshop Premium Remanufactured C6657AE Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No.57) for HP

7dayshop Premium Remanufactured C6657AE Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No.57) for HP

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7dayshop Premium Remanufactured C6657AE Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No.57) for HP
7dayshop Premium Remanufactured C6657AE Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No.57) for HP 7dayshop Premium Remanufactured C6657AE Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No.57) for HP

7dayshop Premium Remanufactured C6657AE Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No.57) for HP

  • SAVE £££'S with these superb value PREMIUM QUALITY 7dayshop replacement inkjet cartridges for your HP printer (see compatible printer list below). Manufactured using only "once-used" ORIGINAL HP inkjet cartridges!
  • These 7dayshop Refilled ink cartridges cost less than the HP original cartridges but are also filled right up to their maximum capacity - more printing and fewer cartridge changes too!
  • Made in an ISO 9001 Certified factory using premium quality printer ink. Made with brand new and re-programmed chipsets to ensure new ink level will show and maximum quality.
  • Capacity: 15ml, Page Yield: Approx. 400 pages @ 5% average coverage. Will work with all good quality inkjet papers - please browse our store to discover our ranges...
  • 7dayshop sells a very large and competitive range of original and money saving ink cartridges and inkjet papers - please browse our store to discover more!
  • 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: £10.00

Special Price £7.69

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Fantastic Colour quality and vibrancy.Consistent Performance. Unbeatable Value.Increased Ink Levels ISO-9001 Certified. Brand new remanufactured range just arrived - Absolutely superb in every way. These are top quality replacement cartridges for your HP printer. We have tested these cartridges fully and have found that print quality was at least equal to the originals, if not better!
Manufactured from the highest quality virgin empties and only OEM chips to ensure maximum quality and compatibility. - Lower cost printing when compared to OEM cartridges - Envorimentally friendly due to re-use of cartridge - Fully Compatible Chips
Recycling is great, reusing is better. Recycling cartridges is much better than throwing them away. However, original cartridges for many printers, including Canon, Dell, Hewlett Packard and Lexmark can be cleaned, refilled and reused, rather than crushing and recycling. Only the best empty cartridges are used, and they are remanufactured to the highest standards. This means much less environmental damage, lower cost to you, and no compromise on performance. We just think it's silly to crush and recycle anything that can be easily reused. Once you've used them, you can send them off to be processed all over again. With this process, cartridges can be reused many times, and reduce wastage by over 90%!
Our cartridges are produced to the highest quality standards possible, ensuring that overall performance matches or exceeds OEM cartridges in every area. We warrant products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.
We want you to be 101% Delighted - If you purchase and are not totally satisfied with the results of these superb cartridges then please return back to us for a refund of the purchase price paid - try them today, be amazed and save yourself some good money at the same time !!


HP Deskjet 3550V, 450/c/cbi/ci/wbt, 5100, 5145, 5150, 5150/c/v/w, 5151, 5160, 5168, 5500, 5550/v/w, 5551, 5552, 5600, 5650/v/w, 5652, 5655, 5850/jp/w, 9600, 9650, 9670, 9680/gp, F2110, F4100, F4172, F4175, F4188, F4190, F4194
HP Digital Copier 410
HP Officejet 2110, 4100, 4105/z, 4110/v/xi, 4115, 4200, 4211, 4212, 4214, 4215/v/xi, 4219, 4250, 4251, 4252, 4255, 4259, 5160, 5500, 5505, 5508, 5510/v/xi, 5515, 6100, 6105, 6110/v/xi, 6127, 6150, 6612
HP Photosmart 100, 130/v/w/xi, 140, 145/v/xi, 230/v/w/xi, 240, 2405, 2410/v/xi, 2420 , 245/v/xi, 2450, 2510/xi, 7000, 7100, 7150/v, 7155w, 7200, 7260/v/w, 7268, 7345, 7350/v/w, 7400, 7445, 7450/v/w/xi, 7458, 7459, 7530, 7550/v/w, 7600, 7655, 7660/v/w, 7662, 7700, 7755, 7760/v/w, 7762/w, 7765, 7900, 7960/gp/v/w
HP PSC 1100, 1110/v/xi, 1118, 1200, 1205, 1209. 1210/v/xi, 1213, 1215, 1216, 1217, 1218, 1219, 1300, 1310, 1311, 1312, 1315/s/v/xi, 1317, 1318, 1340, 1345, 1350, 1350/v/xi, 1355, 1358, 2000, 2100, 2105, 2108, 2110/v/xi, 2115, 2150, 2170, 2171, 2175/v/xi, 2179, 2200, 2210/v/xi, 2212, 2305, 2306, 2310/v/xi, 2320, 2400, 2405, 2410/v/xi, 2420, 2450, 2500, 2510/xi, 2550.

What's included

Non-OEM Remanufactured C6657AE Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No.57) for HP

Additional Information

Printer Make HP Printers
Printer Model HP DeskJet 3550V, HP DeskJet 450/c/cbi/ci/wbt, HP DeskJet 5100, HP DeskJet 5145, HP DeskJet 5150, HP DeskJet 5150/c/v/w, HP DeskJet 5151, HP DeskJet 5160, HP DeskJet 5168, HP DeskJet 5500, HP DeskJet 5550/v/w, HP DeskJet 5551, HP DeskJet 5552, HP DeskJet 5600, HP DeskJet 5650/v/w, HP DeskJet 5652, HP DeskJet 5655, HP DeskJet 5850/jp/w, HP DeskJet 9600, HP DeskJet 9650, HP DeskJet 9670, HP DeskJet 9680/gp, HP DeskJet F2110, HP DeskJet F4100, HP DeskJet F4172, HP DeskJet F4175, HP DeskJet F4188, HP DeskJet F4190, HP DeskJet F4194, HP Digital Copier 410, HP OfficeJet 2110, HP OfficeJet 4100, HP OfficeJet 4105/z, HP OfficeJet 4110/v/xi, HP OfficeJet 4115, HP OfficeJet 4200, HP OfficeJet 4211, HP OfficeJet 4212, HP OfficeJet 4214, HP OfficeJet 4215/v/xi, HP OfficeJet 4219, HP OfficeJet 4250, HP OfficeJet 4251, HP OfficeJet 4252, HP OfficeJet 4255, HP OfficeJet 4259, HP OfficeJet 5160, HP OfficeJet 5500, HP OfficeJet 5505, HP OfficeJet 5508, HP OfficeJet 5510/v/xi
Brand Non-OEM HP Remanufactured
Packaged Weight 50.0000
UPC / EAN / GTIN (12/13) 5055278300074
MPN C6657A
Item Condition refurbished
Manufacturer Warranty 90 Days
30 Day 101 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.
Colour No
Downloads No
Shipping Speed 3-5 days
Shipping Rate Delivery Included
Camera Fit N/A
Seems OK, thanks very much
Good product great price cheapest i could find for this product as it is for an old HP printer which i have not been able to find elswhere
A few failures but a replacement was always quickly provided.
first class value and product
Hi . the above item is still outstanding. I hope you will assist. will have to give a five star rating due to past excellent service.But have. not been able to use the cartridge.
Very good.
Good value
good quality for a home computer
Excellent value.
Works just like an original for domestic print runs, only a fraction of the cost.
The first time I have ever used a refilled cartridge. Sadly it failed on me straight away. 7dayshop has agreed to replace it with no postage cost to me.
Works perfect for a third of the price!
Good value for money for printing emails etc but no good for serious colour printing but these are cheap refills so do not expect any more.
good quality good price good service
When it works it's terrific but the odd faulty one is a pain, although 7 dayshop replace them without question.
Great product at a great price
So far so good. They work and they are nice and cheap. What more can I ask.
Regularly use the product - had the odd hiccup, but been covered well by the complaint procedure
Have only recently installed the product, but seems perfectly OK at the moment
it is used in a home printer. I have used these before and found them very good
Works well in my HP pronter.
I have not used this one yet, but Ihave heard excellent reports.
Fine No problems. Works like a Dream.
All as stated
No problems. I did have a faulty cartridge, which was replaced extremely quickly. Very satisfied with the service, and would definitely recommend 7dayshop to others.
the product works well and is a good colour is ok
It works well printing text, I haven't tried it with photos yet. It seems as good as original HP cartridges.
I had an issue with this product in the past where it was showing empty shortly after inserting into printer but it was evident it wasnt empty.
Photos and black and white print mostly. Some problems I'e already mentioned but when the cartridges work, they are fine!
Just being a domestic user I find the ReManufactured Print Cartridge suitable for my use.
Excellent value, worked immeniately. AND so much cheaper than the manufacturer's product!
Working well, cannot fault
Have used this product in the past and found it good but colour problems show sooner than I would like
In my printer. I would recommend to friends.

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