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7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras

7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras

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7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras
7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras 7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras 7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras 7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras 7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras 7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras 7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras

7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras

  • Very high specification & top quality cover - essential for enthusiast & professional photographers
  • Highly water-resistant nylon protects against elements - rain, snow, salt spray, dirt, sand & dust
  • Easy access and good visability to the camera controls and lens controls
  • Large clear panel/window approx. 35x19cm - allows you to see cameras controls & LCD screen
  • See full description for full specification and measurements, etc. A very popular 7dayshop product
  • 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.

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Regular Price: £12.99

Special Price £9.99

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An essential for enthusiast and professional photographers, the high quality and high specification 7dayshop camera rain cover offers protection for your camera and lens from the elements thanks to its water resistant nylon material.

But it also allows you easy access and visibility to your camera controls, dials, buttons and lens controls. The large clear panel/window measuring approx. 35x19cm, means you can clearly see all of your cameras controls and LCD screen.

Just place the cover over your camera and you’re ready to shoot in any condition – making it perfect for outdoor use such as concerts, events, sports photography, landscape, seascape and lots of other photography.

Use the sleeves on either side to put your hands and arms inside to control the camera. These can be pulled tight around the arms using the elasticated drawstrings at the ends of each sleeve protecting from strong winds and driving rain.

They can be quickly and easily adjusted to provide access even whilst wearing gloves and can accommodate the largest coat sleeves if needed.

The cover extends out to the front to offer protection to attached lens barrels, this can be pulled tight using the drawstring offering the same protection as the arm sleeves. This is further protected by a stiff lens hood piece that wraps around your lens and is fastened using the Velcro surrounding the hood.

Manufactured from top quality lightweight materials with an excellent fit and finish and stitching. The window is manufactured from crystal clear acrylic and is resistant to damage and tears. This cover can be folded down and should easily fit into most camera bags side pockets.

What's included

1 x 7dayshop Pro Spec Protective Rain, Snow, Spray, Sand Cover for SLR and DSLR Digital Cameras

Additional Information

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Printer Model N/A
SKU WH2-DS-052
Brand 7dayshop
Packaged Weight 237.0000
UPC / EAN / GTIN (12/13) 5055393924971
MPN DS-052
Item Condition new
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Years - 30 day money back guarantee
30 Day 101 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.
Colour No
Downloads No
Shipping Speed 3-5 days
Shipping Rate Delivery Included
Camera Fit N/A
The ideal cover for bad weather at a very resonable price and this includes postage
Our customer rated the product 4 Stars
I didn't find it suitable for my purposes.
Good but a bit cumbersome
Product does what it says in the catalogue.
Third one of these Ive bought. Cannot fault them., I use them in a professional capacity as i am a live event photographer so they receive quite a bit of punishment in the UK weather.
Same comments as last time - about 10 days ago.
This product was a gift hence no feedback.
Very good. It is a very good sturdy product and great value.
Very substantial construction
Have not been out in the rain yet but looks excellent.
Haven't used it yet,but seems to be best of its type I've had so far.
3-Stars: Average quality Rain Cover for the price.? OK to protect camera from Light Sand.? Spray.? Snow.? etc. But I would not use or recommend this in a Thunderstorm or Heavy Rain.? As the Nylon material seems to be very thin ! and the seams are not Taped/Welded.! Overall rating 3-Stars
I am quite pleased with my purchase.
No comment left.
No comment left.
A great way to protect your camera. A bit tricky to use at first.
The materials used in this product is strong and sturdy, however the see through could have been a bit softer and more plyable, as when you stow it in the camera bag it creases badly and the creases don't fall out.
No comment left.
Looks good zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
No comment left.
Cover works brilliantly as its been raining cats and dogs recently
Great product. Have not used in anger but tried fitting to my camera and it gives confidence for shooting in wet or adverse conditions.
I've not tested/used it yet but it appears to be well designed and excellent quality. Unbeatable value for money.
Great price and well made
Pleased with product, but have to agree with many other reviews that the solid outer ring is more of a hindrance. I like the design of having openings either side at the back to get your hands in to use your camera, and the zips can close it up.
Product fir private use and to protect my dslr camera. Economic solution to protecting expensive camera equipment and would recommend.
Excellent idea
Good Value for money
I have no idea about this product as it is a present for someone else
Does the job.
The quality seems good value for the price and it is easy to fit the camera. I haven't had a chance to use it in adverse weather yet. This site was recommended to me by a local photography group.
Have not used it yet but it looks like it will do the job.
This is a really well made cover which creates a completely safe environment for your camera on days when you would normally leave the camera at home. Highly recommended.
I not sure if the plastic cover will crack in time. we shall see.
Not used this product in the rain yet but I have set it up on the camera to try it out. Seems to work well no problems setting it up.
wish I'd had this last year when myself and my camera got absolutely drowned
Simple, protective, designed
Good product but a bit bulcky
Good price for an item to keep the worst of damaging rain, sea sprays or sand from you DLSR whilst providing clear sight to what you are doing.
Very good quality at reduced offer.was told about site with my camera club and happy to take and show
I had to look up the internet for any kind of explanation how the product was to be used, especially the hard cover on the front. Got it ok. Otherwise fine. Despite the rain here, havent tried it yet!
This is a great rain cover once you have removed the weird large plastic piece that is supposed to wrap around the lens.
Thought I might use this in anger on a trip, but the weather didn't make it necessary so it wasn't actually used on this occasion. Seems a bit fiddly, but maybe I'm not using it correctly. No guidance given. This picture is the most helpful thing so far! That's why I have only given it "acceptable".
A bit big, but does the job. As long as it keeps gear dry why worry.
Service is great thanks
Have yet to use this in the rain but on inspection I feel confident that it will do the job of keeping my camera dry.
Excellent product in use already.
This means I can safely take photos in all weathers and keep my Canon 60d safe.
Bought this for my son to use when fishing. He is very happy with product.
Excellent product, ideal for SLR owners taking photographs in all weathers.
i use the protective cover for wildlife photography in my garden in conjunction with a remote control for the camera. I can set it up on a tripod and and not have to worry about the weather while I am concealed inside.
The rain hood was a present for my partner and he was very satisfied with the product. My only gripe is that a small bag would be useful to store when not in use.
Good price and quality for the money paid
This just works - no frills, useful article for anyone who wants to take shots in adverse weather and protect their expensive gear.
A very important piece of kit gives piece of mind that your equipment is safe from the elements
Great product, unused so far, thankfully because of the good weather, but im sure it'll be great once its needed..
Pretty god although I didn't realise the velcro part would be so hard..thought it would be soft material but all good.
The quality is good, but I found the the collar strap for the front of the lense a pain so I removed it.
Complex. Questionable design
Have not used the product in the rain yet but the quality is very good for the price and as I work in all weathers it has a place in my backpack. Others have commented on the hard collar which may be to keep rain off the top so u can see camera settings on a tripod.
very good
great product - popped in the post and hand delivered
Handy item, not just for serious photographers. Sometimes the best shots are when the weather is decidedly dodgy. I have already told friends about it.
I haven't yet had an opportunity of using the cover although I did fit it soon after it arrived to see how to fit it to my camera. I do have another one but it is a bit fiddly to fit as it involves emoting the rubber eye piece and fitting it over a the perspex viewfinder cover. This one has no such complications and it has armholes to put your arms into to operate the camera and it looks as though it will be much simpler to use. The only thing that puzzles me is that as well as a drawcord round the lens these is also a velcro strap which looks a bit unnecessary but time may tell.
I haven't had a chance to try it yet ( still great summer weather) but I would definitely recommend it to my camera club. Seems very good quality.
Have not used it yet
Quality great for the price,pleasantly surprised. Will be getting full benefit when the weather turns for the worse again.
This Protective Rain Cover seems to be designed well but rather large for my Canon EOS 60D. However I cannot find anything smaller sold by anyone else. . The only strange thing is the large piece of inflexible velcroed plastic designed to fit around the lens. There is a draw-string water-proof fabric part covering the lens. Like others in this review section have said it is better cut off - the cover works better without it. I can't work out why it was designed this way. . I have not yet tested the cover in the pouring rain but have tested it under a running tap. It is clearly substantially water-proof, although under the drenching conditions of a running tap there is very slight leakage through the seams. This is in far wetter conditions than I have ever known in a rain storm. I have no reason to think it won't be substantially water-proof in hard rain. For its price (compared to branded rain covers) I think it is a good buy.
Cover is easy to use and hopefully will be very useful in the rain.
Looks like it does the job, Not yet used in anger.
Just the job for wet days. Appears to be of a good quality but not tested to the max yet but at this price it is a good investment.
The item is well made, but awful design. I have no idea what the stiff double sided velcro ring is supposed to do. It is better removed in my opinion. Also it is not much use for medium and long telephotos. It is supposed to be for professional photographers
Excellent waterproof cover for those of us who don't have professional equipment.
This really looks the business and I am sure it will work wonderfully well the next time I am shooting in inclement weather conditions. Just been shown a friends similar product which was 5 times more expensive and doesn't seem to be all that different except for the "Badging"
I have several cameras and most of them fit nicely into this 'raincoat'. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to protect their camera from the elements, especially over the last few weeks. The quality must be good because it does what it says: keeps the rain out and my hands dry!
landscape photography. would till photo frends
Looks good, fits a large D-SLR. Haven't had any bad weather yet to try it out.
As advertised. Haven't tried it out for real yet but appears satisfactory and convenient.
Very easy to use, even on a Sigma 50-500mm lens. Would highly recommend this product.
It would be used in bad weather example raining, so now i do not . have to put my camera away when it's. raining,and it's very well made great.
This has not been used yet as the camera has not been out in the rain, but my husband is very happy with the design.
a picture of it on the camera would be useful as i could'nt figure how to put it on the camera
As always, superb value & perfect for my needs. Well done 7dayshop!
Just what I needed and you fulfilled my need.
I use camera cover when shooting in bad weather or near sand or sea spray.Would recommend to anyone who owns a good camera.
Keeps your hands warm and your Camera dry. Would totally recommend to other Photographers, for use in wet conditions and sandy beaches when the wind is blowing.
As a landscape photographer this is invaluable, it is really well made and excellent value, I have recommended it to my colleagues at the camera club
arrived well packaged and very fast, not used it yet so can't comment
This unit works quite well. The coller is a little stiff for smaller lenses.
it protects the camera well
Not sure how the plastic window will stand up to cold weather, will it go drittle or be OK. Otherwise should keep the wind and rain out.
Good build quality, sensible features and has performed well so far. 3 ordered and all 3 users happy.
Very well built and easy to use.
It looks good but I haven't used it yet
photograpy in bad weather to protect camera and lens from water and dust
tested in the weather we have had and worked well.
This is now a permanent fixture in my camera bag. Its well made, well designed, easy to use, and does exactly what its supposed to do. Very pleased indeed.
My husband can't wait to use this cover he thinks it's an excellent idea.
Am assuming it fits the bill, bought as Christmas present - so no idea yet really..
would use this in adverse weather . as most photos taken on the touch line of rugby matches
After photographing waves crashing against a breakwater on a stormy day leaving me with a 'salty' camera and lens; this was a must for future occasions. Less expensive but same quality as rival, named covers.
Keeps the water out even in wind
very useful item delighted with it.
Excellent product, well made and easy - [Once you've had a look at the illustrations on the web page] - to use. Maybe a basic instruction sheet. There may be a slight problem with the large viewing window, bend marks, scratches and wet marks unless you wipe dry after using in the wet and carefully fold it when putting it away. Otherwise a very good item
Photographs in the rain. Outdoor photographers
The product will be used to protect my camera in light rain and showers. It is perfect for the casual photographer who wants to take pictures outdoors on other than blue sky days
Great product for the wet weather when trying to keep your camera dry. If you don't have one then you must get one and never again fear the rain getting to your DSLR.
I take motorcycle racing photos and use it to protect my gear, its easy to put on and works well
I've not had an opportunity to use the rain cover yet, but quality looks good.
Superb product
Not quite sure about this,quite cumbersome.But haven't given it a fair go yet.
Now I can take pics in the rain without worrying about damage to te camera.
quality is awesome for such a modestly priced product.
This seems to be a well made and designed product at a price which is far cheaper than so-called professional versions sold elsewhere at rip-off prices.
Great value product for the outdoor Photographers. Well made for the price.
Excellent product, great price and good quality - perfect.

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