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7dayshop Remanufactured CB338E Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No. 351XL) for HP

7dayshop Remanufactured CB338E Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No. 351XL) for HP

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7dayshop Remanufactured CB338E Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No. 351XL) for HP
7dayshop Remanufactured CB338E Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No. 351XL) for HP 7dayshop Remanufactured CB338E Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No. 351XL) for HP

7dayshop Remanufactured CB338E Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (No. 351XL) for HP

  • SAVE £££'S with these superb value PREMIUM QUALITY 7dayshop replacement inkjet cartridges for your HP printer (see compatible printer list below). Manufactured using only "once-used" ORIGINAL HP inkjet cartridges!
  • LAST LONGER: These 7dayshop Refilled ink cartridges cost less than the Canon original cartridges but are also filled right up to their maximum capacity - more printing and fewer cartridge changes too!
  • Made in an ISO 9001 Certified factory using premium quality printer ink. Made with brand new and re-programmed chipsets to ensure new ink level will show and maximum quality.
  • Capacity: 18ml, Page Yield: Approx. 400 pages @ 5% average coverage. Will work with all good quality inkjet papers - please browse our store to discover our ranges...
  • 7dayshop sells a very large and competitive range of original and money saving ink cartridges and inkjet papers - please browse our store to discover more!
  • 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: £8.18

Special Price £6.29

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Manufactured from the highest quality virgin empties and only OEM chips to ensure maximum quality and compatibility.
These are top quality replacement inkjet cartridges for your HP printer. We have tested these cartridges fully and have found that print quality was at least equal to the originals, if not better!

We want you to be 100% Delighted - If you purchase and are not totally satisfied with the results of these superb cartridges then please return back to us for a refund of the purchase price paid - try them today, be amazed and save yourself some good money at the same time !!

Compatible with: HP Deskjet D4200 - HP Deskjet D4245 - HP Deskjet D4250 - HP Deskjet D4260 - HP Deskjet D4263 - HP Deskjet D4268 - HP Deskjet D4300 - HP Deskjet D4360 - HP Deskjet D5345 - HP Officejet J5700 - HP Officejet J5725 - HP Officejet J5730 - HP Officejet J5735 - HP Officejet J5738 - HP Officejet J5740 - HP Officejet J5750 - HP Officejet J5780 - HP Officejet J5783 - HP Officejet J5785 - HP Officejet J5788 - HP Officejet J5790 - HP Officejet J5885 - HP Officejet J6400 - HP Officejet J6405 - HP Officejet J6410 - HP Officejet J6413 - HP Officejet J6415 - HP Officejet J6424 - HP Officejet J6450 - HP Officejet J6480 - HP Officejet J6488 - HP Photosmart C4200 - HP Photosmart C4205 - HP Photosmart C4210 - HP Photosmart C4225 - HP Photosmart C4240 - HP Photosmart C4250 - HP Photosmart C4270 - HP Photosmart C4272 - HP Photosmart C4273 - HP Photosmart C4275 - HP Photosmart C4280 - HP Photosmart C4283 - HP Photosmart C4285 - HP Photosmart C4288 - HP Photosmart C4293 - HP Photosmart C4294 - HP Photosmart C4300 - HP Photosmart C4324 - HP Photosmart C4340 - HP Photosmart C4342 - HP Photosmart C4343 - HP Photosmart C4344 - HP Photosmart C4345 - HP Photosmart C4348 - HP Photosmart C4380 - HP Photosmart C4383 - HP Photosmart C4384 - HP Photosmart C4388 - HP Photosmart C4390 - HP Photosmart C4400 - HP Photosmart C4410 - HP Photosmart C4424 - HP Photosmart C4435 - HP Photosmart C4440 - HP Photosmart C4450 - HP Photosmart C4470 - HP Photosmart C4472 - HP Photosmart C4473 - HP Photosmart C4475 - HP Photosmart C4480 - HP Photosmart C4483 - HP Photosmart C4485 - HP Photosmart C4486 - HP Photosmart C4488 - HP Photosmart C4493 - HP Photosmart C4494 - HP Photosmart C4500 - HP Photosmart C4524 - HP Photosmart C4540 - HP Photosmart C4550 - HP Photosmart C4570 - HP Photosmart C4572 - HP Photosmart C4573 - HP Photosmart C4575 - HP Photosmart C4580 - HP Photosmart C4583 - HP Photosmart C4585 - HP Photosmart C4588 - HP Photosmart C4589 - HP Photosmart C4593 - HP Photosmart C4599 - HP Photosmart C5200 - HP Photosmart C5240 - HP Photosmart C5250 - HP Photosmart C5270 - HP Photosmart C5273 - HP Photosmart C5275 - HP Photosmart C5280 - HP Photosmart C5283 - HP Photosmart C5288 - HP Photosmart C5290 - HP Photosmart C5293 - HP Photosmart C5368 - HP Photosmart C5580 - HP Photosmart D5345 - HP Photosmart D5355 - HP PhotoSmart D5360 - HP Photosmart D5363 - HP Photosmart D5368 -

Additional Information

Printer Make HP Printers
Printer Model HP DeskJet D4200, HP DeskJet D4245, HP DeskJet D4250, HP DeskJet D4260, HP DeskJet D4263, HP DeskJet D4268, HP DeskJet D4300, HP DeskJet D4360, HP DeskJet D5345, HP OfficeJet J5700, HP OfficeJet J5725, HP OfficeJet J5730, HP OfficeJet J5735, HP OfficeJet J5738, HP OfficeJet J5740, HP OfficeJet J5750, HP OfficeJet J5780, HP OfficeJet J5783, HP OfficeJet J5785, HP OfficeJet J5788, HP OfficeJet J5790, HP OfficeJet J5885, HP OfficeJet J6400, HP OfficeJet J6405, HP OfficeJet J6410, HP OfficeJet J6413, HP OfficeJet J6415, HP OfficeJet J6424, HP OfficeJet J6450, HP OfficeJet J6480, HP OfficeJet J6488, HP PhotoSmart C4200, HP PhotoSmart C4205, HP PhotoSmart C4210, HP PhotoSmart C4225, HP PhotoSmart C4240, HP PhotoSmart C4250, HP PhotoSmart C4270, HP PhotoSmart C4272, HP PhotoSmart C4273, HP PhotoSmart C4275, HP PhotoSmart C4280, HP PhotoSmart C4283, HP PhotoSmart C4285, HP PhotoSmart C4288, HP PhotoSmart C4293, HP PhotoSmart C4294, HP PhotoSmart C4300, HP PhotoSmart C4324, HP PhotoSmart C4340, HP PhotoSmart C4342
Brand Non-OEM HP Remanufactured
Packaged Weight 52.0000
UPC / EAN / GTIN (12/13) 5055393932792
Item Condition refurbished
Manufacturer Warranty 90 Days
30 Day 101 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.
Colour No
Downloads No
Shipping Speed 3-5 days
Shipping Rate Delivery Included
Camera Fit N/A
Prompt delivery to my house
No comment left.
Cheaper than originals and perfectly acceptable results for my needs.
Seems fine so far, at least as good as an 'original' cartridge
As good as the original, well packaged, fitted my printer and the colour is as near to the real thing as it could be. Thank you
Excellent product, reasonable price, good shelf and service life.
Good service
I use these with my printer at home. They seem to work as well as the full-priced original HP product, but at a substantially lower cost.
Good Quality
Casual use in HP printer/scanner
This product is excellent as I use it to print out photo's so that i can paint them so colour is important and I get it from this.
Great value
Have to say I'm impressed with the quality of the inks/prints this cartridge yields.
ok good
All seems OK and just about ready to use this one.
excellent quality product
They work - but printer software is unable to determine ink levels. Best to keep a spare in hand.
Colour good and fully operational. Printer not rejecting cartridge.
very good i would recommend this
Have had the odd return to deal with due to malfunction , but well supported on the returns system. When working ok, the colour quality is good and pretty well matches the original - but without the high cost!
as expected
in printer for photos. every one. great execellent.
Good quality for both normal colour printing and as part of set for photo printing.
Item held as spare, yet to be used
This is a very good quality product, would not know the difference between new cartridge and remanufactured one as far as print quality goes. Gives excellent results at a fraction of the cost.
The only difference between this and the genuine HP version is the price
Home use only. Would recommend to friends. Product fine.
as above and also for photography have had very good results no problems
product is used for photographs and document printing
For my HP All in One Printer Copier Scanner
Home use. friends and family
very good
Used at home for printing documents, pictures and onto discs. Text and disc printing are as good as original HP cartridges, some photos haven't been the best if there's a lot of darkness on the image but this may be the photo paper rather than the ink. Lasts well, not sure if it's as long as an original cartridge would (no way to compare, really), but definitely better value considering it's less than half the price.
I'd recommend their printer ink service without reserve.

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