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7dayshop 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light

7dayshop Torch - Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light with 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm

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7dayshop 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light
7dayshop 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light 7dayshop Torch - Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light with 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm 7dayshop Torch - Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light with 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm 7dayshop Torch - Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light with 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm 7dayshop Torch - Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light with 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm 7dayshop Torch - Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light with 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm 7dayshop Torch - Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light with 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm 7dayshop Torch - Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light with 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm

7dayshop Torch - Twin Headed Flexible Work Light / Snake Light with 54 x LED Large and Long 82cm

  • PLEASE SEE PRODUCT VIDEO FOR FULL FEATURES!! Powerful twin headed LED work light - provides bright clean light in the most awkward places and much more. Highly recommended!
  • Versatile, flexible and unique design - super long 82cm end to end. Long life, bright LED bulbs with good battery life and performance. High grade ABS body.
  • Shaft between 2 heads can easily be twisted and shaped to fit on or over and around awkward objects. Can be shaped to form its own stand etc.
  • Great for home, the vehicle and garage, electricians plumbers, camping, caravans, BBQs, outdoor living, etc. Can be used as a fill in light for close-up/portrait photography too!
  • Each head has 2 lighting options and each is independently powered by 3 x AAA batteries. Batteries not included but be sure to browse our store for some great value AAA packs!
  • 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.

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Regular Price: £7.27

Special Price £5.59

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Measuring a super long 82cm end to end, this powerful twin headed work light can provide quality lighting in the most awkward places.

Each head is independently powered by 3 x AAA batteries and each head has 2 lighting options (see pictures and video).

The shaft between the 2 heads can be twisted and shaped to fit on or over even awkward objects or just shaped to make a stand for itself. So many possibilities, so much useful light!!

Ideal for so many uses in the home and garage and also ideal for electricians and plumbers, camping, caravans and caravaning, BBQ's and outdoor living etc.


Material: High-grade ABS Plastic material
LED type: 54 x Super bright LED in total
LED lifetime: Up to 100,000 hours
Max output: 15000 - 18000 mcd each LED
Modes: 21 LED per head ON for Lantern  - 6 LED ON per head for torch
Dimensions: 82 (L) x 4.3 (D) cm
Battery type: 3 x 1.5V AAA size battery each head (not included)

What's in the Box?

7dayshop 82cm twin headed flexible work light / snake light with 54 x LED

Additional Information

Printer Make No
Printer Model No
SKU DS-011
Brand 7dayshop
UPC / EAN / GTIN (12/13) 5055393924032
MPN DS-011
Item Condition new
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Years - 30 day money back guarantee
30 Day 101 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.
Colour No
Downloads Material: High-grade ABS Plastic material
LED Type: 54 x Super bright LED in total
LED Lifetime: Up to 100,000 hours
Max Output: 15000 - 18000 mcd each LED
Modes: 21 LED per head ON for Lantern - 6 LED ON per head for torch
Size: 82 (L) x 4.3 (D) cm
Battery Type: 3 x 1.5V AAA size battery each head (not included)
Shipping Speed 1-2 days
Shipping Rate Delivery From £2.99
Camera Fit N/A
Easy to use, the flexible support makes it ideal for photography as it's a doddle to provide even illumination from the sides. It's also good when working in confined spaces as you can hang the lights around your neck for hands-free illumination.
Excellent product from 7 day as per a number of years, however they still insist on royal mail delivery: Due to work, people are not always in...Royal Mail take it bck to main office, its either a fee for delivery or go fetchit yourself. We order online f
Our customer rated the product 5 Stars
Product as described and appears of good quality.
This is a bargain. Perhaps not the strongest of torches, hard plastic - I don't know how long it would last with lots of use - but it is well made and gives off a good light which can be angled anywhere you like. For £5 it's amazing. Got for use in loft or garage and can be hung from beams etc. Very pleased and great value for money.
Many uses for this torch which leaves your hands free to do the job in hand
The torches arrived within three days of the order being placed. They are exactly what I required giving an excellent spread of light. A very good purchase
I now have 4 of these flexible worklights, I use them for night photography and will very soon get a couple more of them! Excellent buy and seriously low cost too
Very cheaply made battery covers constantly fall off, good idea but poorly executed.
No comment left.
ideal for still life photography
Excellent value for money.
Only one side working , have not had time to repair it yet but the other lamp is pretty good
Bit more flimsy than I'd hoped. switches a bit iffy , however at the price very good .
this snake light amazing,so flexible and yet ideal s a desk light,well worth the price!
No comment left.
No comment left.
As expected for the devices i order are good but poor light
Just what everyone needs but never gets one certainly at this quality & price.
No comment left.
Have not seen its like elsewhere. Very useful.
No comment left.
Good spread of light. Flexible portion can be bent to form a stand to allow both lights to point in any direction. Battery drain is also very minimal.
Good product, very useful
Bought for DIY jobs in dark spaces and as a safe emergency light in case of power failure.
It has already proved to be useful for small DIY jobs
Excellent and very adaptable
Excellent value. A very good product.
Good value for money.
This was a Christmas gift. I have not yet had any feedback. After a brief inspection I would say it would do its job OK. I am impressed enough to hint that I could do with one of these.
Still life Photography.
excellent design
very bright and vey handy
i use it when i work under kitchen units
Very versitile with lots of potential uses - good price
A brilliant piece of kit. Use it draped round my neck for going outside after dark.
what can i say.. super light, used for 36 hour fishing trip, great amount of light for such a cheap little lamp 5 star product
This was bought as an emergency light. Kept at the back of the church to guide people out in case of a power cut.
Brilliant bit of kit
On my bandsaw
great product
This looks like being a very "flexible" portable light source for fishing and country holidays where there are no street lights. I had a snake light many years ago and have been looking for a replacement for some time.
Very versatile task light that has many uses around the home
cheap, powerful and just the job
Use for night fishing, excellent piece of kit. More than enough light to illuminate the whole bivvy.
First rate value - practical, versatile and extremely useful. Would recommend the product.
Very handy, works a treat in the loft or garage.
The item did what it said on the box!
Excellent service
Very versatile lighting unit - everybody could find a use for this device.
Very good as a small work light or an emergency lamp- far better than candles
To light up areas in dark places like under the fridge or in storage cupboards under the sink where there is no light. On top of a step ladder when I am changing a light bulb in a darkened room. Again the product quality seems pretty good to me.
Ideal for working on the car, use one or both lights, batteries are required shame it's not rechargeable
very pleased with the product
Good batteries as usual.
great product - very useful item to have, so impressed bought my father in law one.
Great for diy
Fit for purpose
Perfect for every DIY job, brillant light options, can be placed anywhere, even working under sink cupboards, also fits around the neck. So happy bought 2
Very good, useful when working in awkward places.
power cut and diy jobs.
Very convenient for car maintenance.
This is a good, well made work light which can be used to focus light to a specific place in a garage workshop
I use for close up bench work,very adaptable and I would recommend this product to anyone who needs flexible lighting for close up work where extra even lighting is required.
I bought several for presents. One light is for a partially disabled person worried about the possibility of power cuts, so I thought this would be useful
Excellent torch. Very flexible. Great for camping, car maintenance and walking. Lights are very bright and the heads can be easily directed at the place where you need to see. It can also be used on a flat surface or wound around a support bar to allow for positioning the light exactly where its needed. Needs 2 AAA batteries. Good price, good value. I bought several. Highly recommended.
Very flexible and good working light
I bought two lights intending to modify one end to be fixed, so I would have a work light for bench drill, grinder, etc. The flexible stem is nowhere near strong enough to support the weight of anything like a horizontal torch. But at ?16 incl post for 4 torches (after dismantling) to drop into the car boot, leave in a shed, etc they are OK.
Great product valve for money
Very handy tool. Provides lighting in the most awkward inaccessible places.
Useful when working where there is little light and/or space.
Ideal for job in hand.
Great price. Really useful.
These lights provide a broad light spread and with the flexible stalk the light can be directed precisely where needed. Battery life so far seems good without any degradation of light intensity
As a hands-free light this is excellent. Has many uses.
Very useful
Inexpensive but could be more robust
Great product
I use this primarily for photographic fill lighting. I saw one of these being used and decided it did the job I wanted. I have also used it as a worklight.
top item, would recommend for DIYers, workshops,working on any number of things.great idea.
Slightly disappointing in the brightness stakes, but the stand anywhere flexi design means that the light at least goes where you want it. And you cant expect 4 million candlepower for a few quid..
Good for hanging round your neck when you need both hands free when walking across the joists in the loft. The battery covers aren't a great fit and one of the small tabs broke off the first time I removed the cover. I'm very careful with my equipment. It's the sharp metal battery contacts that project too far that caused the problem.
Good value and very useful design
A useful tool for hands free working ie . plumbing under a sink!would have prefered it to have used AA rather than AAA batteries but bright enough,feels a little cheaply made on the critical side, but @ the price worth buying!
all ok thank you. ***
for the money i can't argue with the quality of this product. it provides just enough light without being blinding. if you want full "squint your eyes" light then pay the ?40 odd pound for a top of the range led type. this is sufficient for my needs.
I use this for still life
Bright and molds nicely into convenient positions. Well worth it for hands free mobile lighting.
A really handy torch which can be used in a variety of situations.
Very useful for garage work and in lofts and attics - the 2 lights make it extra versatile
Bought this as an extra macro light. works OK a little extra extension cord would make it perfect; but have not yet used it seriously. At the price you cannot go wrong!.
Handy bit of kit.
I use this when carrying out site survey work when no task lighting available. The heads can be angled upwards to give a good spread of light with the flexible part bent into a 'U' shape and laid on the floor. Alternatively the heads can be put together and then the end LED's give a more focussed pool of light.
A very useful and unusual torch.
Have only tested it todate but it seems a promising portable work light and emeergency light in the event of a power cut
This is great. It is a bit more tricky to set up stably than I expected because the weight of the light heads can over-balance it in a lot of situations, but practice makes perfect, and there is plenty of light and flexibility of use.
Amazing light output for the size. When the light switch went in my bathroom I stood this on the window sill and easily angled the 2 heads to light the room so we could still use it after dark.
item is as described, quality is a little cheep but thats reflected in the price, the coil is firm and works as it should, suspect it will break before it gets worn out though
Haven't found a use for it yet, but when I do it will be invaluable.
Just as described, a useful torch!
handy to use in engine bay , or looking under floors .
Useful item easy to get light where it is needed. Reasonably well built. Pity there are not separate switches for the small torches on then of each fitting.
Good handy torch. Suitable for many uses
Bought as a present for my brother who has been looking at a similar product costing quite a lot more. I tested the lights and they are quite bright and the flexibility of the torch will be what he wants. With it having two lights both with their own set of batteries which are not included there will be plenty of light for his DIY on his vintage car.
Used in garden sheds with no mains power. Good bright light but a longer "snake" would make it more stable as a worklight.
An excellent idea but a longer flex connection would make it more versatile. It is a bit short/light to support both lights pointing at the same area. . The light output levels are somewhat lower than I expected but meet my needs - for working in the loft, illuminating the under stairs meters, and similar.
Very useful bit of kit
This snake light seemed to be a better solution for several purposes than the miner's lamps I use for working in dark places. I confess, I haven't yet had it long enough to test its capabilities to the full, but it is good value and well made.
Haven't used/tested it yet, but I do like the flexibility, and the build quality for this price is excellent!
Bought these as stocking fillers for Dad & brothers, for use in loft,garage etc or anywhere extra lighting may be useful,. Quality appears to be Good
Used for a Kitchen cooker hood where my internal bulbs keep blowing. Have it strapped up with velcro. I could do with a bit more brightness but otherwise very good product.
Useful versatile bright light. Used hands-free for sewing, working at a bench etc.
Great design. Would prefer AAs though.
Excellent for hanging round your neck when in the loft or the back of the shed. also a good bench light, but I found it a bit short to use for photography lighting.
Very good
Great light you can put it around your neck leaves your hans free to do the things you want.
For use in our photography work mostly.
used for railway modelling. very useful for getting light into awkward corners.
Good daylight light
Used in my workshop and on my boat, this is a very handy device, which works very well
It is very good, light is very bright & it can be put in any position, but could a bit longer to help with balance if you try to make it stand up on its self in a coil. really should be a 4.5
used when doing diy in dark areas I have found it very useful
I hang it round my neck every night when I check my daughters pony, a great value item.
Send to daughter in Australia. looks good
Extremely useful. Great design.
Hang it around you neck, focus the lights on your workspace and it's fantastic. I wear it whenever I am fixing something.
Decent quality, bright clear light
I was quite amazed at the usefulness of this, good clean light and have even used it as ad hoc studio light for photographing small items (although I did use some kitchen roll as a diffuser)
It was bought as a present.
Good price & fast delivery.
Used to illuminate objects for still life photography, recommended to members of my camera club. Considering the price very good value for money.
Very versatile and useful for most DIY or crafters
Modelling light for table-top photography. First one received had faulty on/off switch. Effective and flexible. Can illuminate objects from a variety of angles.
product used for DIY illumination,. of good quality and price. I would recommend this product
this is a great piece of kit
A good quality work light for work shop use.Multi purpose and very flexible for small spaces. Have recommended product to others.
Nice little gadget which I use in the tent and the attic. Even used it as part of a fancy dress costume wrapped around my neck.
Useful tool and good quality
Iuse this product as a work light,and on occassion as an assist light for photography. A very useful product indeed
Excellent flexible bright torch to save setting up a mains light
product used to view awkward areas on cars recommended to family and friends
I will be using it for car and motorbike maintenance. The ability to bend into differnet shapes and get light on the workplace from 2 different angles will be most useful.
Good quality but due to illness I have not been able to try it out yet.Looks well made and as with most things from this seller it appears reliable
Just perfect
I bought this to use for indoor macro photography. Not as stable as I had hoped as a bit top heavy but nothing something put on the bottom of it couldn't stop.
Bought to use as a static light for illuminating small objects, I have already recommended this item to several people in my photography class.
High quality and useful for the men in my life as they work on their vehicles
As described

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