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HP 78 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C6578D)

HP 78 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C6578D)

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HP 78 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C6578D)
HP 78 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C6578D) HP 78 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C6578D)

HP 78 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C6578D)

  • The HP 78 Tri-colour Inkjet Print Cartridges deliver clear, vivid colour images every time you print. HP's patented, dye-based colour ink formulations and inkjet print cartridge technology produce sharp, colourful graphics every time you print.
  • Enjoy low maintenance, trouble-free printing. Designed with your printer the HP 78 Tri-colour Inkjet Print Cartridges are simple to install and easy to replace. You have a choice of 2 sizes of inkjet print cartridges to match your usage needs.
  • The HP 78 Tri-colour Inkjet Print Cartridges are precisely designed and engineered to save you the time and costs of resolving cartridge problems. You get consistent, high-quality printing throughout the life of the cartridge.
  • 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: £46.01

Special Price £35.39

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HP 78 Tri-colour Inkjet Print Cartridges deliver clear, vivid colour images. Patented, dye-based HP colour inks and print cartridge technology make professional-quality printing easy and reliable. Available in 2 sizes to suit different needs.

Page yield (colour) - 560 pages

Compatible with:
Colour Copier 180
Colour Copier 190
Colour Copier 280
Colour Copier 290
Colour Copier 310
Deskjet 1180c
Deskjet 1220c
Deskjet 1220c ps
Deskjet 1220cse
Deskjet 1220cxi
Deskjet 1280
Deskjet 3810
Deskjet 3816
Deskjet 3820
Deskjet 3820c
Deskjet 3820v
Deskjet 3820w
Deskjet 3822
Deskjet 6120
Deskjet 6122
Deskjet 6127
Deskjet 916c
Deskjet 920c
Deskjet 920cvr
Deskjet 920cxi
Deskjet 9300
Deskjet 930c
Deskjet 930cm
Deskjet 932c
Deskjet 933c
Deskjet 934c
Deskjet 935c
Deskjet 940c
Deskjet 940cvr
Deskjet 940cw
Deskjet 940cxi
Deskjet 948c
Deskjet 950c
Deskjet 952c
Deskjet 955c
Deskjet 957c
Deskjet 959c
Deskjet 960c
Deskjet 960cse
Deskjet 960cxi
Deskjet 970cse
Deskjet 970cxi
Deskjet 980c
Deskjet 980cxi
Deskjet 990cm
Deskjet 990cse
Deskjet 990cxi
Deskjet 995c
Deskjet 995ck
Digital Copier 310
Fax 1220
Fax 1220xi
Fax 1230
Fax 1230xi
Officejet 1510A2L
Officejet 5105
Officejet 5110
Officejet 5110v
Officejet 5110xi
Officejet G55
Officejet G55XI
Officejet G85
Officejet G85XI
Officejet G95
Officejet K60
Officejet K60XI
Officejet K80
Officejet K80XI
Officejet V30
Officejet V40
Officejet V40XI
Officejet V45
Photosmart 1000
Photosmart 1115
Photosmart 1215
Photosmart 1215vm
Photosmart 1218
Photosmart 1218xi
Photosmart 1315
Photosmart 2100
Photosmart P1000
Photosmart P1000xi
Photosmart P1100
Photosmart P1100XI
Photosmart P1115
Photosmart P1115cvr
Photosmart P1215
Photosmart P1215VM
Photosmart P1218
Photosmart P1218XI
PSC 700
PSC 720
PSC 750
PSC 750xi
PSC 760
PSC 900
PSC 940
PSC 950
PSC 950vr
PSC 950xi
vetti JobJet P200

Additional Information

Printer Make HP Printers
Printer Model HP Colour Copier 180, HP Colour Copier 190, HP Colour Copier 280, HP Colour Copier 290, HP Colour Copier 310, HP DeskJet 1180C, HP DeskJet 1220c/cse/cxi, HP DeskJet 1280, HP DeskJet 3810, HP DeskJet 3816, HP DeskJet 3820c/v/w, HP DeskJet 3822, HP DeskJet 6120, HP DeskJet 6122, HP DeskJet 6127, HP DeskJet 916C, HP DeskJet 920c/cvr/cw/cxi, HP DeskJet 922c, HP DeskJet 9300, HP DeskJet 930c/cm, HP DeskJet 932C, HP DeskJet 933c, HP DeskJet 934c, HP DeskJet 935C, HP DeskJet 940c/cvr/cw/cxi, HP DeskJet 948c, HP DeskJet 960cse, HP DeskJet 970c/cse/cxi, HP DeskJet 980c/cxi, HP DeskJet 990c/cm/cse/cxi, HP Digital Copier 310, HP Fax 1220XI, HP Fax 1230XI, HP OfficeJet 1510A2L, HP OfficeJet 5100, HP OfficeJet 5105, HP OfficeJet 5110v/xi, HP OfficeJet G55XI, HP OfficeJet G85XI, HP OfficeJet G95, HP OfficeJet K60XI, HP OfficeJet K80XI, HP OfficeJet V30, HP OfficeJet V40XI, HP OfficeJet V45, HP PhotoSmart 1000i, HP PhotoSmart 1100XI, HP PhotoSmart 1115cvr/vm, HP PhotoSmart 1215VM, HP PhotoSmart 1218XI, HP PhotoSmart 1315vm, HP PhotoSmart 2100, HP PhotoSmart P1000, HP PhotoSmart P1100, HP PhotoSmart P1215, HP Printer/Scanner/Copier PSC 700c, HP Printer/Scanner/Copier PSC 720, HP Printer/Scanner/Copier PSC 750cxi/xi, HP Printer/Scanner/Copier PSC 760, HP Printer/Scanner/Copier PSC 900, HP Printer/Scanner/Copier PSC 920, HP Printer/Scanner/Copier PSC 940, HP Printer/Scanner/Copier PSC 950c/vr/xi
Brand HP
Packaged Weight 128.0000
UPC / EAN / GTIN (12/13) 886111557738
MPN C6578D
Item Condition new
Manufacturer Warranty 12 months or if stated, until the “Use By Date” has been reached
30 Day 101 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.
Colour No
Downloads No
Shipping Speed 1-2 days
Shipping Rate Delivery From £2.99
Camera Fit N/A
Perfectly adequate. Your standard ink cartridge
Always have these and have been happy with all.
value for money
The item was required for my printer
Supplied exactly as advertised
The product is as advertised.
I print copies of paintings and colour quality is always very good
As expected. Very good quality.
Excellent speed and pricing. I have never had to return any goods after 4 years of buying your products.
The quality of print from this cartridge is excellent and is so easy to insert into the printer.
Colour good and very reliable
Use for personal printing - mostly contact sheets for photos. Found it difficult to obtain cartridges that work so delighted that these are the real deal.
Good price.
Mostly domestic use. I no longer use the reconstituted alternative for hp.
Only ever buy the real thing, those cheaper recycled cartridges just don't work as well, as long as the real thing.
product as described
Excellent service.
I use the colour cartridge mainly for printing photo's. A friend recommended you to me and I have recommended you to others.
Excellent as usual
Used this service before
Used for copying many Scouting documents
It's a genuine hp product and performs just how you'd expect it to.
Excellent colour rendition, much preferred to remanufactured units
Quality very good. Used on Deskjet HP printer.
Removing the outer packaging may reduce p&p But what about best before date?
The product has a specific use as a printer cartridge, and in that role it does well.
for general printing, not for work and some photographs
See above comment. Same situation. My personal order is for HP 300 series cartridges and I am well pleased with these regular orders too!
Inkjet cartridges for HP deskjet printer. Delivery has improved immensely over the past year.
Needed to do some important print outs so didn't want to risk using a remanufactured cartridge nor ending up with a cheap copy. you get what you pay for so print outs have been great quality.
Other retailers charge ridiculous prices for cartridges to fit older printers. I was seriously expecting it to be cheaper to buy a new printer until I looked at 7dayshop prices.
I only ever buy branded ink, tried those refills and others and nowhere near as good. Well priced usually.

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