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HP 22 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C9352AE)

HP Original 22 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C9352AE)

Regular Price: £21.83

Special Price £16.79

(In stock)

HP 22 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C9352AE)
HP 22 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C9352AE) HP Original 22 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C9352AE)

HP Original 22 Tri-Colour Ink Cartridge (C9352AE)

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: £21.83

Special Price £16.79

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Shipping Speed: 3-5 days (Delivery Included)


The HP 22 Tri-colour Inkjet Print Cartridge produces brilliant, long-lasting photo-quality output using patented dye-based inks formulated to work precisely with your HP printing system for outstanding results every time.

Page yield (colour) - 165 pages

Compatible with: HP Deskjet 2128. HP Deskjet 2149. HP Deskjet 2180. HP Deskjet 3747. HP Deskjet 3900. HP Deskjet 3910. HP Deskjet 3915. HP Deskjet 3918. HP Deskjet 3920. HP Deskjet 3930/v. HP Deskjet 3938. HP Deskjet 3940/v. HP Deskjet 3950. HP Deskjet D1300. HP Deskjet D1311. HP Deskjet D1320. HP Deskjet D1330. HP Deskjet D1338. HP Deskjet D1341. HP Deskjet D1360. HP Deskjet D1368. HP Deskjet D1400. HP Deskjet D1415. HP Deskjet D1420. HP Deskjet D1430. HP Deskjet D1445. HP Deskjet D1450. HP Deskjet D1455. HP Deskjet D1460. HP Deskjet D1468. HP Deskjet D1470. HP Deskjet D1500. HP Deskjet D1558. HP Deskjet D1560. HP Deskjet D1568. HP Deskjet D2300. HP Deskjet D2320. HP Deskjet D2330. HP Deskjet D2338. HP Deskjet D2345. HP Deskjet D2360. HP Deskjet D2368. HP Deskjet D2400. HP Deskjet D2430. HP Deskjet D2445. HP Deskjet D2451. HP Deskjet D2460. HP Deskjet D2466. HP Deskjet D2468. HP Deskjet D4145. HP Deskjet D4155. HP Deskjet D4168. HP Deskjet F2100. HP Deskjet F2110. HP Deskjet F2120. HP Deskjet F2128. HP Deskjet F2140. HP Deskjet F2149. HP Deskjet F2179. HP Deskjet F2180. HP Deskjet F2185. HP Deskjet F2187. HP Deskjet F2188. HP Deskjet F2200. HP Deskjet F2210. HP Deskjet F2212. HP Deskjet F2214. HP Deskjet F2224. HP Deskjet F2235. HP Deskjet F2238. HP Deskjet F2240. HP Deskjet F2250. HP Deskjet F2275. HP Deskjet F2276. HP Deskjet F2278. HP Deskjet F2280. HP Deskjet F2288. HP Deskjet F2290. HP Deskjet F2291. HP Deskjet F300. HP Deskjet F310. HP Deskjet F325. HP Deskjet F335. HP Deskjet F340. HP Deskjet F350. HP Deskjet F370. HP Deskjet F375. HP Deskjet F378. HP Deskjet F380. HP Deskjet F385. HP Deskjet F388. HP Deskjet F390. HP Deskjet F394. HP Deskjet F4100. HP Deskjet F4135. HP Deskjet F4140. HP Deskjet F4150. HP Deskjet F4172. HP Deskjet F4175. HP Deskjet F4180. HP Deskjet F4185. HP Deskjet F4188. HP Deskjet F4190. HP Deskjet F4194. HP Fax 1250/xi. HP Fax 3180. HP Officejet 1410. HP Officejet 4300. HP Officejet 4311. HP Officejet 4312. HP Officejet 4314. HP Officejet 4315/v/xi. HP Officejet 4317. HP Officejet 4319. HP Officejet 4352. HP Officejet 4353. HP Officejet 4355. HP Officejet 4357. HP Officejet 4359. HP Officejet 4625. HP Officejet 4638. HP Officejet 4712. HP Officejet 5610. HP Officejet J3600. HP Officejet J3625. HP Officejet J3635. HP Officejet J3640. HP Officejet J3650. HP Officejet J3680. HP PSC 1400. HP PSC 1401. HP PSC 1402. HP PSC 1403. HP PSC 1406. HP PSC 1408. HP PSC 1410/v/xi. HP PSC 1415. HP PSC 1417.

Additional Information

Printer Make HP Printers
Printer Model HP DeskJet 1460, HP DeskJet 2128, HP DeskJet 2149, HP DeskJet 2180, HP DeskJet 3747, HP DeskJet 3900, HP DeskJet 3910, HP DeskJet 3915, HP DeskJet 3918, HP DeskJet 3920, HP DeskJet 3930/v, HP DeskJet 3938, HP DeskJet 3940/v, HP DeskJet 3950, HP DeskJet D1300, HP DeskJet D1311, HP DeskJet D1320, HP DeskJet D1330, HP DeskJet D1338, HP DeskJet D1341, HP DeskJet D1360, HP DeskJet D1368, HP DeskJet D1400, HP DeskJet D1415, HP DeskJet D1420, HP DeskJet D1430, HP DeskJet D1445, HP DeskJet D1450, HP DeskJet D1455, HP DeskJet D1460, HP DeskJet D1468, HP DeskJet D1470, HP DeskJet D1500, HP DeskJet D1558, HP DeskJet D1560, HP DeskJet D1568, HP DeskJet D2300, HP DeskJet D2320, HP DeskJet D2330, HP DeskJet D2338, HP DeskJet D2345, HP DeskJet D2360, HP DeskJet D2368, HP DeskJet D2400, HP DeskJet D2430, HP DeskJet D2445, HP DeskJet D2451, HP DeskJet D2460, HP DeskJet D2466, HP DeskJet D2468, HP DeskJet D4145
Brand HP
Packaged Weight 50.0000
UPC / EAN / GTIN (12/13) 829160941394
Item Condition new
Manufacturer Warranty 12 months or if stated, until the “Use By Date” has been reached
30 Day 101 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.
Colour No
Downloads No
Shipping Speed 3-5 days
Shipping Rate Delivery Included
Camera Fit N/A
No comment left.
No comment left.
Very competitive price compared to other suppliers, plus this deal included free postage.
works perfectly well and was a good price
No comment left.
No comment left.
Excellent price
Used these before, very good quality
Arrived promptly, quality perfect
Great product at a good price.
worked very well
good service
Exactly the same as above
I use an HP printer, which doesn't accept 'substitute' cartridges. 7dayshop provides authentic ones at reasonable prices.
Good quality cartridge for my HP PSC 1410 printer
I use in my HP D1460. I have recommended many of my friends and family. The quality is superb.
Excellent quality
Specific ink for printer. Good product
I find for the price that the print quality is excellent
Used for my small business printing requirements. The printer does a good job and so do these ink cartridges. Original ink cartridges are better than those that are marketed as compatible, in my view.
Perfect product at a good price.
Use these in my trusty HP printer at home. Would recommend as always work and never had any problems with them. Would like the price a bit lower though, as my daughter gets through them fairly quickly when printing photos for college.
Small business, small print volume, good for us
use in home printer. Great product
Standard HP cartridge performs superbly delivered on time
The ink cartridges I purchase are of good colour quality and are great value for money. I use them mostly for printing photos,posters and images for cards.
I use the products for my buisness and would rate it as very good value
Fast delivery. Reliable product. Always worth sticking to original ink cartridges rather than the remanufactured variety.

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