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HP 350 Black Ink Cartridge (CB335EE)

HP Original 350 Black Ink Cartridge (CB335EE)

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HP 350 Black Ink Cartridge (CB335EE)
HP 350 Black Ink Cartridge (CB335EE) HP Original 350 Black Ink Cartridge (CB335EE) HP Original 350 Black Ink Cartridge (CB335EE)

HP Original 350 Black Ink Cartridge (CB335EE)

  • 100% genuine HP cartridges from an authorised HP reseller with full manufacturer waranty
  • Foil sealed although removed from outer box
  • 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: £17.02

Special Price £13.09

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Shipping Speed: 3-5 days (Delivery Included)


HP 350 Black Inkjet Print Cartridge with Vivera Ink produces laser-quality results for everyday printing. Enjoy outstanding value when you choose this Original HP inkjet print cartridge designed for moderate, occasional printing.

Compatible with:
HP Deskjet D4200
HP Deskjet D4245
HP Deskjet D4250
HP Deskjet D4260
HP Deskjet D4263
HP Deskjet D4268
HP Deskjet D4300
HP Deskjet D4360
HP Deskjet D5345
HP Officejet J5700
HP Officejet J5725
HP Officejet J5730
HP Officejet J5735
HP Officejet J5738
HP Officejet J5740
HP Officejet J5750
HP Officejet J5780
HP Officejet J5783
HP Officejet J5785
HP Officejet J5788
HP Officejet J5790
HP Officejet J5885
HP Officejet J6400
HP Officejet J6405
HP Officejet J6410
HP Officejet J6413
HP Officejet J6415
HP Officejet J6424
HP Officejet J6450
HP Officejet J6480
HP Officejet J6488
HP Photosmart C4200
HP Photosmart C4205
HP Photosmart C4210
HP Photosmart C4225
HP Photosmart C4240
HP Photosmart C4250
HP Photosmart C4270
HP Photosmart C4272
HP Photosmart C4273
HP Photosmart C4280
HP Photosmart C4283
HP Photosmart C4285
HP Photosmart C4288
HP Photosmart C4293
HP Photosmart C4294
HP Photosmart C4300
HP Photosmart C4324
HP Photosmart C4340
HP Photosmart C4342
HP Photosmart C4343
HP Photosmart C4344
HP Photosmart C4345
HP Photosmart C4348
HP Photosmart C4380
HP Photosmart C4383
HP Photosmart C4384
HP Photosmart C4388
HP Photosmart C4390
HP Photosmart C4400
HP Photosmart C4410
HP Photosmart C4424
HP Photosmart C4435
HP Photosmart C4440
HP Photosmart C4450
HP Photosmart C4470
HP Photosmart C4472
HP Photosmart C4473
HP Photosmart C4475
HP Photosmart C4480
HP Photosmart C4483
HP Photosmart C4485
HP Photosmart C4486
HP Photosmart C4488
HP Photosmart C4493
HP Photosmart C4494
HP Photosmart C4500
HP Photosmart C4524
HP Photosmart C4540
HP Photosmart C4550
HP Photosmart C4570
HP Photosmart C4572
HP Photosmart C4573
HP Photosmart C4575
HP Photosmart C4580
HP Photosmart C4583
HP Photosmart C4585
HP Photosmart C4588
HP Photosmart C4589
HP Photosmart C4593
HP Photosmart C4599
HP Photosmart C5200
HP Photosmart C5240
HP Photosmart C5250
HP Photosmart C5270
HP Photosmart C5273
HP Photosmart C5275
HP Photosmart C5280
HP Photosmart C5283
HP Photosmart C5288
HP Photosmart C5290
HP Photosmart C5293
HP Photosmart C5368
HP Photosmart C5580
HP Photosmart D5345
HP Photosmart D5355
HP PhotoSmart D5360
HP Photosmart D5363
HP Photosmart D5368

Additional Information

Printer Make HP Printers
Printer Model HP DeskJet D4200, HP DeskJet D4245, HP DeskJet D4250, HP DeskJet D4260, HP DeskJet D4263, HP DeskJet D4268, HP DeskJet D4300, HP DeskJet D4360, HP DeskJet D5345, HP OfficeJet J5700, HP OfficeJet J5725, HP OfficeJet J5730, HP OfficeJet J5735, HP OfficeJet J5738, HP OfficeJet J5740, HP OfficeJet J5750, HP OfficeJet J5780, HP OfficeJet J5783, HP OfficeJet J5785, HP OfficeJet J5788, HP OfficeJet J5790, HP OfficeJet J5885, HP OfficeJet J6400, HP OfficeJet J6405, HP OfficeJet J6410, HP OfficeJet J6413, HP OfficeJet J6415, HP OfficeJet J6424, HP OfficeJet J6450, HP OfficeJet J6480, HP OfficeJet J6488, HP PhotoSmart C4200, HP PhotoSmart C4205, HP PhotoSmart C4210, HP PhotoSmart C4225, HP PhotoSmart C4240, HP PhotoSmart C4250, HP PhotoSmart C4270, HP PhotoSmart C4272, HP PhotoSmart C4273, HP PhotoSmart C4275, HP PhotoSmart C4280, HP PhotoSmart C4283, HP PhotoSmart C4285, HP PhotoSmart C4288, HP PhotoSmart C4293, HP PhotoSmart C4294, HP PhotoSmart C4300, HP PhotoSmart C4324, HP PhotoSmart C4340, HP PhotoSmart C4342
Brand HP
Packaged Weight 53.0000
UPC / EAN / GTIN (12/13) 808736844550
Item Condition new
Manufacturer Warranty 12 months or if stated, until the “Use By Date” has been reached
30 Day 101 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.
Colour Black
Downloads No
Shipping Speed 3-5 days
Shipping Rate Delivery Included
Camera Fit N/A
Good quality and speedy service.
No comment left.
Seems genuine but my printer keeps saying they are not genuine cartridges.
No comment left.
Much better ink from HP than the compatable cartridge supplied in earlier order which caused big problems with my printer
No comment left.
No comment left.
As described reliable product and delivery
Very good value for money.
I print copies of paintings and colour quality is always very good
I always get my HP ink for my printer from you.
We always use inks from the 7 Day shop
good quality good price recommend to all
Products previously ordered from 7days before.
The one and only to use
I have an HP printer and this is their recommendation for my model. The product performs perfectly for my needs and I would have no problem telling others, especially as even with delivery is cheaper than high street dealers.
excellent product
I use the product in a home printer. My only gripe however is that they don't last very long and are therefore a very expensive way of printing and for that reason I wouldn't recommend them.
Works perfectly with my HP Photosmart printer.
no complaints have been getting my ink here for 5 years
I use this reasonably priced item on my home printer the quality is excellent and recommend to all
for work to begin with but ink runs out very quickly so now have as home printer which is fine
My HP printer. I would recommend to anyone. Top quality
Used for small retail business - inks appear to last well.
installed and works fine
would always look at 7day shop site before buying any where else
Used in my home printer. Yes I would recommend this product
Good branded product
Perfect as usual
Good price
My husband and I both use the product for our printers due to the fact the price is so reasonable.
Well wrapped at a good price. No complaints
very quick delivery
printer ink by HP
Ink as specified by the HP printer.
Reliable source of HP cartridges used in my all-in-one Photosmart C5280. Perhaps not the cheapest, but no delivery charge!

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