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Sumvision Powerbank 10,400mah Fast Portable External Battery Power Pack for Apple Samsung etc.

Sumvision Powerbank 10,400mah Fast Portable External Battery Power Pack for Apple Samsung etc.

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Sumvision Powerbank 10,400mah Fast Portable External Battery Power Pack for Apple Samsung etc.
Sumvision Powerbank 10,400mah Fast Portable External Battery Power Pack for Apple Samsung etc. Sumvision Powerbank 10,400mah Fast Portable External Battery Power Pack for Apple Samsung etc. Sumvision Powerbank 10,400mah Fast Portable External Battery Power Pack for Apple Samsung etc. Sumvision Powerbank 10,400mah Fast Portable External Battery Power Pack for Apple Samsung etc. Sumvision Powerbank 10,400mah Fast Portable External Battery Power Pack for Apple Samsung etc.

Sumvision Powerbank 10,400mah Fast Portable External Battery Power Pack for Apple Samsung etc.

  • PHigh capacity and high output dual USB powerbank for powering and re-charging your depleted mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headset etc. etc.
  • Fully portable unit, may be taken onboard planes and thoguh airport security. A perfect companion for travelling and outdoors and where you may need to re-charge and power your essential devices.
  • This high capacity 10,400mAh unit will charge a mobile phone several times over. Twin high output ports for fast charging 2 devices at the same time.
  • Built in torch makes it extra handy too. Supplied brand new in manufacturers original packaging, complete with USB charging cable. A high quality Sumvision product!
  • Powerful but compact unit measures just L13xW6xD2cm. A really superb back-up power source /power-bank to carry and keep with you. Twin USB ports too!
  • 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: £13.90

Special Price £10.69

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Suitable for smartphones and tablets, this dual USB and portable powerbank can help you avoid the hassle of your device running out of battery when you are on the go.

Great for camping or travelling, the Sumvision 10,400mAh powerbank also has a built-in torch and LED indicator to show how much charge is left. With two USB ports to charge devices, this is a handy powerbank. It comes with a Micro USB cable.


Capacity: 10400mAh
Input: DC5V 1A (MAX)
Output: DC5V 2A (MAX)
Dimensions: 6 x 13.8 x 2cm (W x L x H)
Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year

What's in the Box?

1 x Powerbank
1 x Micro USB cable

Please Note packaging states 10,000mAh  this is an error the device is printed and is 10,400 mah

Additional Information

Printer Make No
Printer Model No
Brand Sumvision
Packaged Weight 319.0000
UPC / EAN / GTIN (12/13) 6931502200015
Item Condition new
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
30 Day 101 7dayshop Online Since Year 2000. This product is supplied with our 7dayshop 30 Day Money Back 101% Complete Satisfaction Assurance.
Colour No
Downloads No
Shipping Speed 1-2 days
Shipping Rate Restricted Items (Courier)
Camera Fit No
Works well on initial testing (bought as Christmas presents)
Last one developed connection issues after 8 months but as a powerbank it is good and powerful.
Its a simple box, two usb outputs for charging phones etc and a micro usb for charging the unit, auto on, so plug and play, just wish I had bought one earlier.
Excellent service prompt deluvery
Very good and useful in out of the way places
Great brand ta a great price
Great for charging phone when away from base
Excellent service prompt deluvery
Great brand ta a great price
Great for charging phone when away from base
Very good and useful in out of the way places
Exactly what was required
Holds lots of power to top up or fully charge your phone or tablet.
Great bit of kit at an unbelievable price.
No instructions are provided but he unit has 4 LEDS which will either show charge left or charging status depending on whether you are using it to charge another item or if plugged into the mains for recharging. When plugged into the mains for recharging the level is indicated by flashing LED, when full all 4 are constantly illuminated. When charging another item the LEDS will light up for a short time after connecting to show charge left. There is also a button which when pressed will also light up the LEDS to show charge status. I charged my iphone up twice from flat (takes a little longer than using mains power) and there was still 50% left in the backup pack. Although I haven't had the product long it appears to be robust and well made. The I charged up my iphone from flat on two occassions and the pack was still showing 50% left.
No comment left.
Have used the Battery pack with my Wife's mobile phone &am pleased to say work most satisfactory.
No comment left.
No comment left.
Simple to use and worked great at the festival for charging both mine and my sons phones at the same time. Can get a bit warm when charging devices.
No comment left.
Brilliant product. Had about 40% power when it arrived, stuck it on charge straight away and was fully charged by next morning. They take a lot of charging so don't think you can do a quick charge like a mobile phone. Fully charged, it recharged an Iphone 6, an Iphone 5 and a Samsung A3 and left about 30 minutes use on an Ipad. It recharged my Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge twice and had one green light left. Really happy with it, so far I've bought two and a work colleague has now bought one.
Works good. Battery is ok. I would recomend it
Used this and found it first class you can charge phone about four times before recharging block, so impressed with it I have bought two more for son and wife.
Really does what it says on the tin. I've tried this out more than a dozen times and I love it! Especially fit the £££s. Fantastic value!!
Does what it says on the tin. Great.
Power banks are hugely popular with people on the move. With some huge capacities claimed by eBay sellers, I chose 7 Day shop because so many things can go wrong with lithium batteries. This unit has at least twice that of those sold in garages an similar outlets for the same price. I took the plunge and bought two of these, as seven of us were going on holiday. No need to worry about losing the instructions, there are none, but they are easy to use. Plug into a USB charger, ideally 2A, and the blue lights indicate progress. This will take several hours for a full charge. To use, press the button and the lights come on for a few seconds and you can charge two devices at once. Kindle paper white, phones, huddles mp3 players and DAB radio will all work. It cuts off when the charge has finished and you can expect at least two charges of medium sized devices. Sometimes it cuts out before the charge is 100% but that's not a major drawback. Press and hold the button and it is now a torch. As a footnote lithium devices are permitted on most flights as long as they are in the hand luggage and below a certain capacity far above this power bank's rating.
It is very great, I love it
These are just the job for camping etc as it charged my phone 3 complete times. I got 2 so everyone was happy.
No comment left.
First one went faulty after a few months
Good value for money compared to power banks from other outlets.Plenty of charging power and a robust build.
Not the 10400 as described, but I did get a partial refund for the inconvenience. Other than that not bad.
Good battery life, though it takes a while to charge. Good value fir money
bought for my son who found it brilliant
in all honesty i wasn't expecting such robustness in charging ability from this little beasty, but im happy to say that even with my power hungry nexus 9 and note 3 it recharges rapidly and well. on 2A slot with little heat up and over drain on the packs cells i can get many full recharges before having to stop and recharge the pack. i have already recommended it to 7 other friends who are looking for something in its size to replace the woefully underpowered round tube packs out there.
Does what it says on tin! Great gadget.
Excellent - well built - good capacity
Very good power bank for the price! Managed 5-6 full phone chargers on iPhone!
As they say "it does what it says on the box".
The product was a very reasonable price and appears to be of good quality.
excellent good powerful product
Used over a long weekend caravanning, kept the mobiles well charged. Excellent value.
Shipped quick Battery life good Cable is a bit rubbish
No comment left.
Fantastic never be with out power again
No comment left.
No comment left.
modern communications demand power and this works for all gadgets away from home.
They take quite a while to fully charge but that's to be expected given the hefty 10400mAh battery inside. Once they are charged they're simple to use. I've charged iPad minis, iPhones, an Android tablet and Android phone and all charged reasonably quickly. Having two USB ports on the device is also useful at times. It remains to be seen how the battery capacity holds up but so far I've been really impressed with this. Great value, too.
Only needed to use it once so far -- and a review of a power bank after just a month is not very useful! It has two outputs, 1 amp and 2 amp. There is a switch to turn it on, but it's not obvious whether it stays on or turns itself off as the blue charging light comes on every time you press the switch. It can power my Panasonic HC-V550 camcorder, but I have not yet tried it as the sole power source for any length of time so I don't know how long it would last.
Bought for festival. Seems good value not too big and price is good. Feels well made- not used in anger yet but good first impressions. LED power bar also useful.
First impressions indicate this is a good product. Holds a good charge and is useful for taking with you as a back up power source.
I have not used it that much but it appears to be doing what it is supposed to do, very good value for the price.
Good product at a very reasonable price, the lack of any instructions was not a problem as it soon became clear what the various LEDs indicated. The torchlight function is a valuable bonus.
No comment left.
A very useful power backup or power extender for any devices with USB sockets, such as phones, tablets or Satnavs. Sumvision is charged using supplied lead which converts standard USB to mini oval shaped USB (Used on phones and tablets. Power output is on 2 standard USB sockets. My Garmin Satnav socket is a square mini USB, but I had a lead from My SONY Camcorder which was the same type. Sumvision also has a built in torch
Does what it says on box,glad I purchased this
This is really an excellent piece of kit . So well made and useful. Great for taking camping to keep my phone and other gadgets charged.
Foes the job portable charging while on my motorbike
i found that the output being on the side meant I couldn't charge my phone whilst having in my inside jacket pocket. Then it stopped working after 2 days. 7 day were brilliant , I returned it free post and received a refund. Service great, this product not so. Also you have to push the button to start charging. other models recognise a device has been plugged in and charge automatically.
Very useful for keeping all of our devices charged when on the road. Have used it for phone, tablet, and to keep the satnav going in a hire car with a faulty accessory socket. Great for emergencies and will charge a number of devices on one charge. A little heavy for carrying in a pocket but fine in a bag or backpack.
No comment left.
High capacity block, charged my phone 3 to 4 time. Take a while to charge.
Extremely good value and a decent capacity perfect for my iPhone and iPad.
No comment left.
So far so good. It's charged my phone four times and it still has plenty of power let for more charges according to the LEDs.
Very powerful charger. Exceeded my expectations. For the price beats much more expensive competition hands down. Provides just a shade short of 5 (FIVE!) charges to my iPhone5. Shame there's no instructions, but not a serious drawback as it's just a charger!
Firstly, it does what it is supposed to do - it charged my tablet with no problems. But I wanted to power an Arduino-based data logger which doesn't draw much current. I experimented and found that there is a minimum current of 100 to 125mA (on either output), otherwise the output will shut down within about 30 seconds. The blue LEDs turn off before this point, so they do not indicate the output is on. I got around this feature by dumping 120mA through some resistors and an LED, but that means I waste a lot of the 10.4Ah capacity!
No comment left.
It appears to work well despite a total lack of any manual. While a lot can be deduced from the specifications there is no way of telling if it can manage to deliver 2.1A simultaneously from both USB sockets. It certainly charges my Samsung Note 4 as fast as a 2.1 A mains charger which is very good. However it seems to take a good deal longer to recharge after filling my Note 4
real beauty! works really well holds massive charge,(takes a little while to charge but well worth it). as usual with these things the more that goes in the more you get out.
Bought one for my son to use with his I Phone and another as a gift. He used it on a trip to London and was very pleased with it. Not too bulky and charge lasted for the trip and beyond.
This was a gift but I have been told that it has worked fine. This was his comment to me: . "It come with no instructions but an easy guess on how to charge it in the first place and then once charged, I plugged in my iPhone and as nothing happened, I had a good look and saw an unobtrusive button! All worked fine then!"
This is an excellent power bank and actually has the capacity stated in the specs unlike so many others! Fantastic value for money.
Excellent product and service
Excellent powerbank, takes a while to charge but remains charged for ages. Built well and easy to use, a bit heavy but given how much power it can provide this is a small price to pay.
Given as a present so no feedback yet but great price for a 10k mah device
arrived quickly, seems to work well.
High power for a low price. Too many power banks only have around 2000 - 5000mah, so this product is a no brainer. Very happy with it. Plus the built-in torch is a nice addition.
product Okay but no instructions included in Packaging, but works just right.
Brilliant and powerful
Nothing beats this on a price per power basis. I use it extensively with my mobile phone and tablet and it gives my trouble free charging wherever I am. Having two outputs is an added bonus.
Good product,use it to charge on the go.
Brilliant, very useful for traveling.Long walks etc.
A power back up , does what it is supposed too
Good value for the money.
No instructions but not difficult to work out. Already came in very useful.
So far so good. 2 USBs - very handy. Bigger than a previous bank I've used, but faster, so a good compromise.
My son is very pleased with this power bank. He uses it to charge his ipod 5th gen and his Windows phone and it does the job really well.
I was at a family function and my phone and kindle died without having the charger with me, luckily my brother had a power bank I was very impressed and had to buy one for myself. So far the charge has done my phone and kindle once it still has charge left in it which you can see via led lights. Its not to bulky and comes with it own usb cable an excellent buy at the price.
Excellent product 5*
Does exactly what was expected of it. Good build quality and performance so far is good.
excellent, I can charge my mobile phone Sony Z1 5 times before I need to recharge. The addition of the LED is very useful for the wife whom is disabled. This Power bank means she never has to plug her phone into a wall charger, she can always have her phone with her even when on charge. Which makes it so useful whenever she has to go in hospital, meaning she always has a charger with her.
This was purchased for my daughter who uses it as a backup power supply when using her smartphone as a GPS while she is geocaching.
Good choice for power-hungry devices. 2A output allows fast charging. Led mini torch is a nice touch. A number of colleagues have also purchased after seeing it.
I use this item to charge my iPhone and iPad when it is not convenient to use the mains. I have yet to use it on my Macbook. Quality seems fine, but I have not had it long. Next week I shall be a few days away from mains electricity so it will get a good work . out. For the money, everyone should have one of these.
Quick delivery. Works OK. User instructions would help.
Charges iPhone or ipad . No problem
Great power bank at a good price would recommend
Good power reserve, excellent price
This didn't charge my Nokia phones or my Sony e-reader so I returned it.
Excellent capacity and works as expected. Slightly long charging time, but that is probably due to high capacity. Do not know yet how long it will last working correctly, but the beginning of our 'relationship' is great.
Useful standby power supply.
Used for charging smartphone and tablet. I get 4 charges of the phone or 3 of tablet, to a charge. No instructions, so not for those who can't work it out, and that's why I've withheld a star. All in all a great value product.
Bought this for the high capacity it has. So far so good. Nice design, slightly larger than i eould have liked but very easy to carry around in my rucksack. A little too big for a smsller bag, but a small compromise for all that back up power.
Works well thus far.
Absolutely no instructions. No legible label on the USB ports - they are different !!. Read up elsewhere and if you work out how best to use it this will be a useful product.
I charge my phone tablet and run my tomtom as i have a fault with the cigar lighter . recommended it to my nephew as he works on site and stays in his camper van saves him going home
Good battery back up , although a bit on the big size
Only used it once as a test so far but it charged my tablet without any problem and still seemed to have lots of charge left
Not yet used.
Whoope do!
Great. I've used power banks before but the capacity for the size of this one is outstanding. I can charge my Samsung galaxy phone at least 5 times from completely flat. Some instructions might be useful for the uninitiated.
Good portable charger has worked well so far
Holds lot of charge for size
Build quality seemed ok..given as gift so full product review not possible..
Just a pen drive so does what it says on the tin.
Product works fine but it took some time to figure out how to use it correctly as there was no instructions or manual provided.
I like this a lot and great price
There are 2 USB sockets, one is a 2Amp output (nearest the Micro USB charging port) and the other is 1Amp output, as there are no instructions supplied with this item to tell you which one is which. I found that there is faint markings beside the USB sockets stating 2Amp & 1Amp not very easy to see if you eye site is fading like mine, sorry to say. When you have that sorted out. You have to press the small button beside the USB ports to start the charging process; otherwise it will not charge your device. Press and hold this button to turn the torch and to turn it off.
Really useful - I may get another one

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