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Kodak Gold 200ASA 35mm Colour Print Film 135-36 Exposure - Value 5 Pack

Kodak Gold 200ASA 35mm Colour Print Film 135-36 Exposure - Value 5 Pack

  • Extra Value 5 Pack of Kodak "Gold" Films. All our films are supplied brand new and packed in original and sealed retail boxes, freshest stocks with long expiry dates.
  • 36 pictures per film / roll - this 200ASA (ISO200) speed rating colour print film makes this film ideal for general uses including sports, landscape, architecture and portraiture (weddings and social)
  • Superb colours and very fine detail plus a good exposure latitude meaning that this film can handle both over and under exposure. This film is processed in popular C41 chemistry - found in the high street stores etc.
  • We have been selling photographic film online since year 2000. We also stock colour slide, black and white print films from Kodak, Fuji, Ilford etc. This film is for use with traditional "film" cameras - not for use in digital cameras! :-)
  • We sell a large and very competitive range of products including photographic, computer, digital memory, inkjet, battery, gift and popular VAPE products. Please browse our store to discover more...

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