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Kodak Gold 200ASA 35mm Colour Print Film 135-36 Exposure - Value 3 Pack

Kodak Gold 200ASA 35mm Colour Print Film 135-36 Exposure - Value 3 Pack

  • Extra Value 3 Pack of these popular/traditional colour print film. All films are supplied brand new in sealed retail packs complete with manufacturers date panel on the box. Always the freshest stocks available and with the longest possible expiry dates.
  • Kodak GOLD 200ASA is a medium speed film suitable for many applications and different types of photography. Use (in good light) for sports, landscape, architecture, pets, kids, portraits and including social and wedding photography etc.
  • Gives natural skin tones and medium contrast. The fine grain structure of the film emulsion gives superb detail and means that you can produce sizeable enlargements without a problem. This colour-print-film is also referred to as "Colour Negative" film.
  • For low light conditions Kodak GOLD is also available in a 400 ASA film speed. We also stock Fuji colour print and slide films as well as Ilford black and white films. 7dayshop have been selling photographic film and photo products since before Year 2000!
  • 7dayshop stock a competitive range of products : photo, computer, memory, inkjet, audio, video, battery, gifts ideas, gadgets and much more.

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