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Ilford Delta Professional 400 ASA 35mm Black and White Print Film 135-36 Exp

Ilford Delta Professional 400 ASA 35mm Black and White Print Film 135-36 Exp

  • Our Ilford film is supplied brand new and in sealed retail packs. Freshest stocks with longest expiry dates. The expiry dates are printed/stamped on the films box by the manufacturer. Please store all photo-film in a cool place!
  • A faster speed 400 ASA / ISO black & white print-film suitable for multi-use photography including sports, concerts, festivals, stage and typically lower light situations and longer range flashgun use etc.. Delta 100ASA is also available if required...
  • Super fine grain with Core-shell crystal technology - Offers a fine and smooth grain structure which gives superb detail, image quality and precise rendition. Medium contrast. May be pushed processed if required but talk to your film processor first.
  • Ilford Delta 400 ASA Pro is also available in 120 "Roll-Film" format. This 135 / 35mm film size is used in traditional (older style) SLR photo and compact cameras (not digital cameras!) such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Yashica and Minolta etc.
  • We sell traditional photo-film plus a large and very competitive range of products: Photographic, computer, digital memory, inkjet, audio, video, battery, gift and VAPE products. Please browse our store to discover more..

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