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Ilford HP5+ 400 ASA Medium Format 120 Roll Film - Black & White Print Film

Ilford HP5+ 400 ASA Medium Format 120 Roll Film - Black & White Print Film

  • We supply the freshest stock possible with the longest expiry dates. HP5 Plus is a superb 400 ASA black and white print film. 120 "Roll Film" is also referred to as medium format. Not for use in digital cameras! :-)
  • Please Note: This 120 'Roll Film' size is suitable for use in medium format cameras such as Mamiya, Bronica, Pentax 645 and 645Z, Hasselblad, Fujifilm GFX and some Leica cameras. Also many older / vintage film cameras etc.
  • 400ASA ILFORD HP5 Plus still offers excellent detail and is a faster speed medium contrast black and white film. It is ideal for high quality both indoor and outdoor photography, particularly suitable for general use and lower light conditions...
  • Choose Ilford HP5 Plus for general photography and well suited to lower light conditions and sports and photojournalism photography. If you need a "slower" (finer grain) film then consider Ilford FP4+ which is a 125 ASA speed black and white print film...
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