In Case The St Swithin’s Day Legend About Rain Is True, you NEED this umbrella

The legend is that if it rains on July 15, the UK is in for 40 days and nights of wet weather. Just in case it’s true, here’s a list of some essentials you might need: 1. The LED umbrella This brolly looks rather sci-fi movie, but is also practical. It’s on sale at now, click here to read more. 2. Waterproof suit Does what it says – ideal for 40 days of rain. Available at a low price, click…

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Is Your Bank Supporting Apple Pay in the UK – Click Here To Find Out

Here’s the list of the banks supporting Apple’s contactless payment system in the UK now. Apple Pay allows you to store the details of your credit or debit card – of participating financial institutions  – into your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, Apple Watch or iPad Air 2 or mini 3 and pay for things at high street stores simply by holding your phone over a shop’s contactless reader. The Apple Watch must be paired with an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6…

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