Car Dash Cameras… What’s All The Fuss About?

What is a car dash-board camera? Why buy a car dash camera? What is the “Crash for Cash” scam and how can installing a car dash cam protect me? How and where to mount your car dash camera. Can I save money on my car Insurance? Do I really need a car dash camera? What is a car dash-board camera?  A Car Dash Board Camera (often referred to as a dash-cam) is a very useful and important piece of equipment,…

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How To Encrypt USB Drives and Memory Sticks

How to Encrypt Your USB Memory Stick / Flash Drive (Windows, MacOSX, Linux, FreeBSD, Raspbian, Android & iOS)

Encrypting a Portable USB Drive. Protecting your personal data on USB memory sticks is incredibly important, even if it’s only photo’s or videos! If the USB stick is lost or stolen, the data is protected and cannot be accessed by anyone else.  For more important documents such as office work or sensitive information, encrypting the USB drive, with secure software and a password, is purely common sense. One of the most popular encryption software available is called Veracrypt.  The software…

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