iPhone Photography

“It is often said that your best camera is the one you have with you, this is certainly true of the iPhone,” says photographer Mark Simpson. The iPhone is always with me “My iPhone goes everywhere with me and I have always found it invaluable for reference shots as in good light the exposure and white balance are spot on. I use it a lot while walking to and from landscape locations and hardly ever use a digital compact camera now.” “It…

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The Best Video Games Ever? World Video Game Hall Of Fame Finalists

Thousands of entries for the new world video game hall of fame have been whittled down to 15 contenders, including Angry Birds, Minecraft and Sonic the Hedgehog. The world’s only collections-based museum devoted to play, The Strong museum in New York,  has established the new hall of fame to recognise the impact that popular games have had on the video game industry on or popular culture and society in general. It recognises games of all types from arcade, console, computer, handheld and…

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Cheap Smartphones – Top Features At Budget Price

You can now buy an Android smartphone for little more than £50 with features you might expect from a more expensive device. A new breed of low-cost, high-spec smartphones are reaching our shores and proving increasingly popular – giving more expensive rivals a run for their money. With phone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple offering ever more expensive smartphones, a gap in the market has opened up for budget smartphones that appeal to consumers who like their technology but don’t want to pay…

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Price Rises On Epson Printer Inks From 1 May – Here’s How To Beat The Price Hike

News reaches us that Epson ink cartridges in general are set to go up in price – but there is an easy way to beat or reduce the impact of prices increases. Buy now to beat the price rise! At, there are plenty of Epson ink cartridges for your printer for sale. There are compatible ink cartridges and other brands as well. You can find a wide selection of Epson ink by clicking on this link >>> Epson original ink cartridges…

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The Self-Powered Camera That Can Take Pictures Forever

A new digital camera can produce an image every second theoretically forever – by using the same light used to take the picture! It’s all to do with the image sensor inside the heart of any digital camera, which is a chip with millions of pixels. The key part in a pixel is something called the photodiode, which produces an electrical current when exposed to light. An engineering professor at Columbia University in New York realised a photodiode is also…

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Secure Your ‘Password’ – By Eating It!

No more annoying passwords to remember! Capsules could be swallowed and beam out unique data from inside your body to access online services. These capsules could detect, for example glucose levels, and send out information in an encrypted format to prevent hacking. The batteries of such devices could be powered by stomach acid! Other options include embedding think silicon chips into the skin, which would measure the heart’s unique electrical activity and transmit the information. The ideas have been publicised by PayPal’s global…

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Was This The World's First Video Game (photo via BNL)

The World’s First Computer Games From The 1940s and 1950s

You’d be wrong to think that computer games were invented in the 1970s. Games were being developed more than 60 YEARS ago by trail-blazing researchers. Fun titles included Tennis For Two Granted, it might not look like much – one horizontal line with a small vertical line and what looks a bit like a smudge on the screen. But they represent the tennis court, net and ball flying between two players who served and volleyed using controllers with buttons and rotating dials. The…

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The Fast And Not Furious – 60 Seconds To Charge Your Phone!!!

Super-fast charging, long-lasting and cheap – aluminium batteries could be the answer to our battery woes. Scientists at Stanford University, in the US, have developed a new type of battery that offers a safe alternative to many lithium-ion and alkaline batteries in use today. One major benefit is ultra fast-charging. As anyone with a smartphone knows, it can takes ages to charge up a lithium-ion battery. But the Stanford team reported “unprecedented charging times” of one minute with the aluminium…

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Fish Eye lens taken using a clip-on macro lens on an iPhone 6 Plus (

Smartphone Photos: How To Get A Different Angle

Want to try out something different when it comes to snapping pictures on your smartphone? How about using a simple, affordable compact clip on lens kit? The photo above of a fish eye lens showing the fine detail of the letters was taken with an iPhone 6 Plus and a macro lens, safely and quickly clipped on over the phone’s camera. Get up nice and close to get the best results with the macro lens. It’s part of a universal…

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450 Reasons Not To Buy A Gold Apple Watch

You could buy 450 Hannspree Sport Watches with core smart functions for the same price as an 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition. The Hannspree Sport Watch looks stylish, is eminently wearable and costs just £29.99 at (UK price inclusive of VAT, but excludes delivery, which is as low as £1.99). Compare that to a top-of-the-range Apple Watch edition, which would set you back £13,500 (largely thanks to the 18-carat gold used in the casing), according to a recent report on And…

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